Education is one of the most important state organizations, as it plays a major role in human development among its members, as well as a course in social and economic development and providing better opportunities for life.

The world education ranking is a program of the United Nations, so countries have allocated a special budget for education so that they can obtain a ranking for their quality of education, which is being prepared by UNESCO.

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1. World Education ranking

The rankings are one of the important tools that are taken into account by the United Nations.

As it is considered for her an indicator of human development, this program is divided into three axes, namely, the education index and the life index, in addition to that the gross domestic product index.

These indicators are measured by measuring the individual's educational attainment, the average life expectancy of the individual, and the gross domestic product. In this way, the ranking of this country will be from the quality of education provided to citizens.

2. Education ranking by country

There may be significant differences in education levels between each country around the world, as developing and underdeveloped countries do not receive education in a satisfactory form.

Some people in these countries don't receive any education, which is due to poverty or due to neglect from countries, or it is possible that these countries have the customs that make them not based on education in these countries.

We may find the opposite completely for developed countries. There are high and varied assessments they do regarding the quality of education, even if these countries are not the best in the world, but there is something that allows the quality of education that works to advance the educational process for these countries.

Most of these countries may know reading and writing that may be in high proportions, from basic education to secondary education.

Also, education has a fundamental role and even a major role in human development, economic development, and societal development. This is in accordance with international companies and organizations in the field of education, and this is at the level of every individual in society.

Education also works at the level of peace for all and promotes gender equality for men and women. It also increases people's chances to get a lot of life opportunities better as education makes the individual rise in his standard of living.

Through the quality of education index in 2019 issued through the Davos Economic Forum, six countries are out of the assessment, namely Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, and Sudan. These countries lack international standards of education.

On the other hand, we may find that there are countries among the top countries in educational quality assessments, including Qatar, which ranked 4th  in the world in terms of education quality, and the UAE ranked 10th in the world.

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3. The most important countries in the education ranking list for 2019

A questionnaire was conducted for about seven thousand individuals under the age of thirty-five in order to determine the best countries in terms of their quality in education; these countries are as follows:

3.1 Malaysia

Which came first in the list of education ranking quality for 2019. It was previously ranked No.13 in 2018.

But after the government's efforts to improve the quality of education and attract large numbers of learners, it reached the first rank for the year 2019. Malaysia is in two parts divided within southern China, which is a small town, but it has a large and growing economic growth.

3.2 Switzerland

Which gives education in different languages, depending on where the learner is to be. The most popular languages in education systems are Italian, French, and German, so the learner chooses, according to his ability, the best education system for him according to the language that improves his proficiency, and according to their abilities, and the educational schools are attended by 5%.

3.3 Finland

It is characterized by its access to the highest education ranking list in terms of quality of education because it is one of the countries that has not a complex system in education. All students are in the same educational classes without attention to the nature of their abilities.

3.4 Singapore

This country has advantages in education, as it records the highest marks in assessing learners to measure and compare their performance.

3.5 Japan

This is considered the best and most important country that formed itself in education after the Second World War. The educational form has changed as it became six years of basic education, three years of high school, three years of advanced high school, and four years of university.

The education system in Japan is similar to the education system in America. Japan's interest is in inventions and technological science, and many students travel to Japan to receive the best science and technology and learn the fundamentals of the system and maintain health greatly.

3.6 The U.S.A

The United States finished a surprising 7th in the education ranking. The best since the 1970s. However, early indicators suggest that the United States will reorganize to increase funding for public schools for charter schools and dissolve teacher unions.