How many times, if ever, do you clean your handbag? We are not talking about the occasional de-cluttering you do. You know when the tissue wads start to take up a lot of space. And yes, we can’t forget the gum wrappers and makeup you have not used in months.

Before long, you have no choice but to throw out what is unnecessary. But, you should not confuse that with cleaning your bag. The germs and dirt will remain. 

Our article shares pertinent points on cleaning your quality handbags. 

Bags Are Thriving Grounds for Bacteria 

At this point, you may wonder whether cleaning your handbag is important. If you invest in the best LV bags, you need to clean the material often. The quality handbags have impeccable stitching and the best material. So the chances of germs getting in are, at best, minimal. 

Well, get ready for a shocker. A university in Malaysia swabbed wallets and purses from a sample of men and women. Their interest was to see what kind of bacteria had taken up residence there. Further, they also wanted to know how often the owners would wash their bags. 

The results were quite illuminating. Many people will not wash their handbags or wallets. They would instead discard them once they get old. More than 90% of handbags play host to colonies of bacteria. 

Now here is where it gets more interesting. Hand cream is the leading cause of dirt in your purse. On average, it has more bacteria than a toilet seat. Other culprits are mascara tubes and lipstick. 

Please note that different materials can contribute to pathogen buildup. For instance, leather has a spongy texture that provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Remember, whenever you put your hands into your bag, you may leave behind dirt. So, please wash or clean your bag thoroughly once in a while. 

Minimize Clutter in Your Bags

It is easy to accumulate clutter in your handbag. This is especially true for those bigger women handbags. The tons of compartments and roomy design make them such convenient dumping grounds. 

It also shouldn’t surprise you if you have items you have not used in a long time. Think about how excited you were about the trending lipstick last year. But once you hopped onto the new ones, you did not remove the old ones from your bag. So, sit down and do a proper declutter of your bag. If there is anything you have not used in the last six months, ditch it. 

If you tend to lean towards clutter, buy an LV small bag. It is a fantastic choice because you don’t have too much space to collect things that are better off in the bin. 

Before you put anything back in the bag, please give them a proper wipe-down. There is no point in cleaning the bag if you return dirty items to it. 

Cleaning Top Quality Handbags

You will find a wide selection of materials in the top women handbags. They range anywhere from nylon to high-quality leather. 

How you treat the different materials when washing is critical.  

  • Nylon Handbags

You can wash nylon handbags with mild soap. After that, pat it dry with a clean towel and let it air-dry for some hours. 

  • Vinyl Handbags

Start by mixing mild laundry detergent and warm water. Use a soft sponge to clean the bag. Then use the same sponge to rinse the bag with plain, clean water. 

  • High-Quality Leather Handbags

Quality leather handbags like the best LV bags require a little more TLC. It is not a good idea to immerse it into a soap-water mixture. Instead, use a soft dry cloth to wipe off the dirt. Next, use a mix of water and mild soap. Make sure the water is warm to remove scuffs or stains. 

You will need another soft cloth to remove the soap. As we said, please do not immerse the bag in the water. 

An alternative to soapy water is a good quality leather cleaner. You can find this at local stores. Rub in circular motions and make sure you do the work quickly. If one section dries out, it may leave streaks on the surface. 

  • Canvas Handbags

You can hand wash a canvas handbag using warm water and mild laundry or dish detergent. A piece of cloth is enough to rub out any stains. There is the option of using the washing machine. But do take note of the design elements. You could end up damaging delicate prints or leather trims. 

Cleaning the Insides

Even the best LV bags compartments will not stop the accumulation of dirt and debris. So if the bag allows, pull out the fabric lining. Use a damp cloth containing mild detergent to wipe it down. Try and reach the corner recesses as much as you can. Turn them inside out to dislodge all the dirt. 

Remove the following stubborn stains with these tips. 

  • Lipstick stains need direct application of a little liquid detergent. Let it soak for a minute, then wipe it out. 
  • Remove foundation with a dry piece of cloth. Any liquid will worsen the situation.
  • Ballpoint ink will come off with some methylated spirit. Be careful that it doesn’t spread, though. The alcohol in methylated spirits can damage some materials like leather. Once you have soaked the stain off, bloat the damp patch with a paper towel. 

You can let the bag air-dry or use a hair dryer afterward. 

Final Thoughts

You have invested in the best LV bags because they are top women handbags. In terms of quality handbags, few will compare. So, that makes you a bit scared of cleaning it. Well, that should not be the case at all. All you need to do is teach yourself how to do it well. 

Keep your bag organized, and stop using it as a convenient on-the-go trash bag. Look at the material and use the proper cleaning techniques. We have shared some critical pointers and tips above that you should note in the article.