Moving house is always a stressful time. There are a million and one details to sort out and something is always bound to go wrong. However, poor planning makes the whole experience a lot more difficult than it needs to be. The thing is, most people make simple mistakes when moving home and create more problems for themselves. Being able to identify and avoid those mistakes will make life a lot easier for you. These are the most common mistakes people make when moving house.

Not Starting Early Enough

This is by far the biggest mistake people make. They underestimate how long it will take to get everything done, so they leave it too late. By the time they start planning, they realize that they don’t have anywhere near enough time to get it all done before moving day and it’s a mad rush. However, if you start planning as soon as you know that you’re going to be moving, you can tick things off the list bit by bit and handle everything easily. Make sure that you have a detailed apartment moving checklist to follow and you can’t go wrong. Write down every small task that needs to be done and work through it slowly. Some things will need to be left until a few days before, but you can start packing items that you don’t use regularly.

Starting early also gives you more time to find the right movers. People often leave it to the last minute and end up having to go with whoever is still available at short notice. The thing is, all of the reliable movers will be booked up in advance, so you’ll be left with some inexperienced cowboys that are likely to break your belongings.

Packing Without a System

Packing without a system causes you a lot of trouble when you arrive and start unpacking. Everything is in random boxes and you end up pulling it all out to find the basic items you need over the first few days. You can save yourself a lot of hassle if you create a simple system. Group things based on the room they are in and make sure that you have a box for moving day. This will include all the things you need as soon as you get there, like cooking and cleaning equipment, some bedding, some clothes, and so on. Label the boxes properly too, so you know exactly where everything is.

Not Changing Your Address

It’s a big inconvenience if all your important mail keeps going to your old house. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget this detail when they are planning the move. Even if they remember the main ones, like their bank, they forget smaller things. So, before you move, write a list of everything that you need to change. Do it ahead of time and inform them of the date of the move, so you don’t have to do it while you are trying to manage the move.

If you can avoid these mistakes, you will find it so much easier to handle the stress of moving day.