Little known yet, cactus oil has multiple moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Used as a beauty treatment, it gradually dethrones argan and coconut oil. Let’s discover in this article the cactus oil and its benefits.

1. What is cactus oil?

Extracted from the prickly pear flower, cactus oil is a real beauty treatment. It has been used for decades in Morocco. It has healing and protective properties. On the manufacturing side, know that it takes about a ton of figs to obtain a liter of cactus oil. It is, therefore, 100% organic.This moisturizer is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and it also has powerful antioxidant and revitalizing powers. Less oily than other oils, it quickly penetrates the epidermis and is suitable for all skin types.

2. The value of cactus oil

Cactus oil is used in many cosmetics and daily care, including face wash, shampoo, and hair care products, because cactus oil contains powerful antioxidants, such as vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin E, and it contains a group of vitamins B. It is characterized by its higher content of vitamin B5, in addition to sugars, amino acids, a group of enzymes, and minerals.

3. The benefits of cactus oil

3.1 A natural anti-wrinkle

A few drops of cactus oil are enough to fight against skin aging and boost cell renewal. Place 3 to 4 drops in the palm of your hand and spread them out. Then, gently massage your face without forgetting the neck and décolleté. Apply cactus oil preferably in the evening before going to sleep, because it is during the night that the work of cell renewal is most intense. After only a few weeks, the skin is firmer.- It helps in getting rid of acne due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, both of which are a major cause of acne.- Cactus oil protects the skin from sun damage.

3.2 The benefits of cactus oil for hair health

Cactus oil is one of the important oils and plant extracts necessary to enhance the health and beauty of hair, it has been proven to help:Fast hair growthPreventing hair lossSoft and smooth hairEnhance hair glossThe essential vitamins and minerals contained in cactus oil help keep healthy hair by feeding strands and hair follicles for growth.In addition, the distinctive cactus oil content of fatty acids, especially omega-3, plays a major role in promoting hair health and growth and maintaining it.

3.3 Nourished nails

To fight against brittle and weak nails, two massages per week on the nails and cuticles, will make your nails stronger and less brittle while nourishing your cuticles.

3.4 A hydrated body

Use the cactus oil as a massage or as a simple body moisturizer. Apply it on targeted areas such as the belly, or thighs to gain firmness. Its virtues also make it an ideal ally against stretch marks, and it improves the appearance of scars.Related: The real health benefits of lemon juice

4. The benefits of cactus oil for the body in general

Cactus oil can be used as a massage oil and for relaxing muscles.It treats some skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.Used to relieve muscle pain.Reduces swelling and infections caused by insect bites such as bees and wasps.Gums and teeth can be massaged with this oil to maintain their health and reduce the risk of dental problems such as caries and gingivitis.

5. How is cactus oil used?

5.1 How to use cactus oil for the face?

Apply a few drops in the evening before going to sleep. Make circular movements on your face to spread it out well. You can also pour a few drops into your night cream for a mask effect. The cactus oil will hydrate your skin, especially if it is dry. Your elasticity will be improved.

5.2 How to use it for the hair?

Apply a few drops to your hair without rinsing. You can even massage your scalp to activate better blood circulation.

5.3 How to use cactus oil for the nails?

Put a drop of the oil on the nail and massage gently to penetrate. At the same time, it nourishes the cuticles.

Originally published on Live Positively.