There have been a host of changes throughout industries of all shapes and sizes in the last few years and fashion, beauty, hair care and even fragrance sectors have not escaped the changing face of consumer needs. Where industries like tech are being changed by the inception of AI, more retail-based sectors are feeling the strain where promotion, shareability and creating the next best thing are prevailing sentiments. This means that your favourite beauty brand and luxury and even high street perfumers are now vying for the top spot in the social media age - and this is pushing your favorite brands into new territories, making prices rise.

Challenging the status quo

More and more individuals are starting to think about exactly what they want from their perfume and now it seems more viable than ever before to opt for replica scents instead of shelling out for the real thing. Take a look at Louis Vuitton l'immensite, for instance.

Where once copies of high-end favourites were commonly manufactured and sold for extremely small amounts (and this reflected on their quality) there is a new wave of specialist and artisan perfumers in the market to bring an element of affordability and inclusivity into a sector where disparity is starting to show. Even the most affordable high street brands have now become investment or statement pieces - and for fragrance enthusiasts on a budget, this is really having an impact.

Dossier is one such perfumer who has noticed the extremes that are emerging within the fragrance market and are hoping to bring affordable, high-quality dupes that really do last as well and hit the same spots as their counterparts in terms of fragrance profiles, longevity and physical olfactory impact.

What can Dossier do for you?

Bringing well-developed, iconic scents to the wider perfume industry for both women’s and men's fragrance, including replica names like Aromatic Ginger, inspired by Louis Vuitton’s l'immensite, you can expect nothing short of faithfully created blends that have been approached with an expert touch. A team of fragrance enthusiasts work tirelessly to ensure that all replica perfumes that Dossier create contain nothing but ethically sourced ingredients, so that not only will you get to enjoy lower prices, but also cruelty-free, vegan quality perfumes that are just as impactful as the brands you know and love. After all, who wouldn't want to pay less for stunning scents when they are of such a fantastic quality that no one will be able to tell the difference?

If you are still unsure about the quality or viability of replica perfumes, why not take a look at Dossier today? They have everything you could want and more - and you'll soon see that this brand has a great reputation and solid standing within the fragrance community. You'll never have to miss out on the fragrances you love because they're simply unaffordable anymore, as Dossier keeps prices low, bottles sweet but simplistic and all blends high-quality while being expertly crafted.