If you have a business and work with others, disputes can arise that may require the attention of a lawyer. You may experience conflict, especially if you share profits and make decisions together. Common business partnership disputes may require the help of a lawyer to rectify the disputes and move forward smoothly.

The six most common disputes between business partners are:

  • Unequal Pay or Work
  • Unequal Possession of Business Property
  • Misappropriating Business Assets
  • Ruining Business Goodwill
  • Competing With the Business
  • Failure To Act as A Trustee to The Business and The Partner

Unequal Pay or Work

When duties are not clearly defined between business partners, disputes can arise at work. One business partner can perceive as being taken advantage of by the other. A lawyer will help you with advice and drafting of contracts so that there will be no disputes with partners on tasks performed or pay.

Unequal Possession of Business Property

Disputes may arise between business partners on who owns what. For example, if one partner made the original idea, but the other partner did most of the work to make the idea a reality, there may be disputes over how profits and shares in ownership should be divided up. A lawyer can help you draft agreements and contracts so that everything is recorded, giving no room for doubt.

Misappropriating Business Assets

A lawyer can help you consider the best action if your business partner has embezzled business assets. Sometimes, to prove or prevent theft of funds, it may be necessary to make legal claims against your business partner. A lawyer can aid you in drafting claims and agreements so that they are legally valid in court.

Ruining Business Goodwill

Goodwill is a vital part of the business. It can be challenging to quantify and prove in court, but it can make it easier for you to approach new clients. If your business partner has used illegal or unethical means to damage the goodwill of your business, you may wish to take legal action against them. A lawyer will advise you on the best course of action and draft valid claims and understandings so the other parties can make no room for arguments.

Competing With the Business

The possibility of competing with your business partner is very common. Competition can happen when they start a new business in the same building or nearby. A lawyer can help you analyze the situation and draft relevant agreements so that no negotiations can occur.

Failure To Act as A Trustee to The Business and The Partner

A lawyer may help you draft certain contracts so that if one business partner refuses to act as a trustee to the business and another cannot, the remaining partner will still have access to funds for the business to continue running smoothly.


Business partners can have disagreements over various issues, but they are not always easy to solve. If you need help dealing with such disputes, consider hiring an attorney specializing in these matters.