You cannot go about redecorating a period property in the exact same way that you would a modern one. As the owner of a more traditional home, you will need to find décor that fits in with your home's era and matches the style you are going for. If you are struggling to find the best home décor pieces for your older property in this modern era of simplicity and minimalism, here is what you should look for.

Column Radiators

Although you might think that a radiator is nothing more than a radiator, radiators come in many shapes and sizes. This means that they can contribute toward the overall appearance and look of your abode. Rather than opting for ultra-modern options, such as double panel and vertical choices, you should look at column radiators. These are often found in more traditional properties, such as cottages. Their timeless and classic appearance means that they will never look out of place within your house. You should consider looking for affordable column radiators that can make your pre-21st century property, which you might struggle to heat, warm and toasty.

Stone Fireplaces

When trying to spruce up an older building, one of the décor items that is hard to do without is a fireplace, especially if your current fireplace has not been removed or filled in. Fireplaces can create a cozy warmth within your living room or bedroom and can draw your family into one space during the winter months. However, as well as being functional, it is important that your fireplace can also look good too. Stone fireplaces are excellent alternatives as their classic style is reminiscent of a more rustic time, and they will never look out of place within your kitchen. If you are looking for a fireplace that is a little more regal, though, you should consider deciding on a marble or limestone version, which can look smart no matter what room it is in.


You might associate chandeliers with wealth and mansions. However, it is not completely impossible to invest in a beautiful chandelier for your home, and there are now many different types available to you, including those made from Murano glass. One great element of chandeliers is that they can form a centerpiece for your home, meaning that you can leave the rest of your room relatively basic since they will capture all the attention of your visitors.

Dining Room Tables

You will not get very far in your home design plans without thinking about a dining room table, though, as this can be an extravagant feature of your home that will allow you to enjoy family meals and host dinner parties with an extortionate number of guests. If you want to go for an evergreen option when it comes to this table, you should look for dining tables made out of oak and walnut. These types of wood are also durable and long-lasting, meaning that you will not have to worry about replacing this table for some time.