Lip gloss is often overlooked and considered a superficial cosmetic product. However, it has amazing benefits beyond just adding shine. This magical product meets many greater needs from nourishing your lips to non-sticky effect.

If you're tired of your lips feeling dry and lackluster, INSTYTUTUM moisturising lip gloss is the right choice. Let's unravel why lip gloss is more than just a pretty lip cosmetic.

The main purpose of a lip gloss

There are many reasons why people apply lip gloss. Some use it to make their lips look more plump, and others like adding a bit of shine and color to their lips. However, there are still those, who enjoy the way the product feels on the lips.

Lip gloss has a number of surprising benefits. While this product may seem like a frivolous beauty item, it generally has many important advantages that make it worth applying daily.

If you require a lip product that will protect, moisturize, and make your lips look attractive, INSTYTUTUM lip gloss is definitely worth considering. This is an ideal solution for perfect makeup and skincare for the delicate lip area. The product provides your lips with the following effects:

  • nourishing and moisturizing throughout the day;
  • spicy and plumping effect;
  • versatile shade;
  • lifting a filling;
  • non-sticky.

Lip gloss has a supercharged formula that will enhance your lips with a warming, tingling effect that gives you incredible lip volume.

Perfect makeup and skincare combo

The unique formula of INSTYTUTUM lip gloss is aimed at professional care for the delicate lip area.

A mix of peptides and portulaca pilosa volumes, moisturizes and softens lips. Spilanthes acmella extract ensures a lifting and plumping effect, helping to reduce wrinkles. It is rich in jojoba oil for supreme moisturization.

Here are some of the benefits of applying INSTYTUTUM lip gloss

  • hydrates and protects – lip gloss is produced from moisturizing components such as jojoba oil, which help to hydrate and protect your lips from overdrying;
  • enhances lips – the product makes your lips look more plump and youthful by adding a bit of color and shine;
  • versatile product – this is a great option if you want to add a pop of color to your lipstick;
  • long-lasting – lip gloss doesn't need to be reapplied as often as lipstick does, because it can last for several hours.

So you just need to remember that INSTYTUTUM lip gloss is not a product for just looking pretty, but it is highly effective for your lip area as well.


INSTYTUTUM products are a blend of cosmeceutical ingredients, patented stem cells, and biomimetic textures whose efficacy is clinically proven. Each formula includes effective levels of the most essential components your skin needs to achieve powerful results.

Natalia Derkach, the brand founder, together with Swiss Laboratory experts with a strong pharmaceutical background, created professional products for skincare routine at home.

The brand is famous for outstanding quality, innovative formulas, and performance-driven actives. That is how the brand's skincare products won popularity among dermatologists and celebrities.