Videos are being consumed regularly. If you notice, there has been a surge in the number of videos created. For example, while browsing through your Facebook feed, you would come across videos approximately every two or three posts. Brands have started spending more on video marketing. Among the several ways, type to voice and social media videos are gaining popularity.

Why is video marketing popular?

With strategic investments in video marketing, the obvious question remains why. Most marketers who are still contemplating the investment want to know why video marketing is gaining popularity. Here, we will take you through all the possible reasons.

Excellent reach

If you use voice over video for your creation or AI voice modulator, you will know that these videos have excellent reach. People are more likely to watch a video than read through the text.

Small videos that contain text and speech are also gaining popularity. People can view them in silent mode as well as with volume. It penetrates through all markets as the video can be shared on social channels and YouTube and optimised for reach.

The chances of your video gaining maximum publicity are higher.

Increases sales

Video is likely to increase your sales as compared to other mediums. Let’s take the example of a simple type of voice video that you created. You used this medium to get started with a product explainer.

The video went on to help the user understand how the product works, how they need to use it, and what the benefits are.

After watching the video, the user was convinced and decided to proceed with the product purchase. This simple video that was easy to create led to a conversion for your business.

You can also create educational videos about the product and get more people to watch it. People who understand the product/service are more likely to convert.

Improves your returns

Every video is an investment by the brand. When you make quality investments, you get impressive returns. That’s the case with videos. It helps you get to a wide range of audiences and improve your viewership. Eventually, it can help you with maximising your returns too.

Say you have created a type of voice video using one of the AI modulators tools. However, you didn’t use the right voice or the correct pronunciation. As a result, the video has a lot of background noise and doesn’t connect with the user. You will see that the quality is low, and it doesn’t impress people.

Eventually, you will notice a reduction in the takers of your video. On the contrary, when you create a voice over video with AI voice by choosing the right tool, modulation, and accent, you will notice a hike in the viewership. This will help you gain maximum on your returns.

It isn’t about how you create the videos; it is more about how you improve the quality of these videos.

Builds credibility

Honest videos can connect a brand to its viewer. It talks to the customer directly and offers them the correct information.

If you were to use a voice over video to talk to your customer about your product, it should contain the correct information. For example, if you say that your product can perform a particular task, it should occur. However, if the customer notices that your product didn’t do what it claimed to, you might face issues.

Your videos should contain crucial and honest information to boost credibility and get more people to buy from you. If you mention anything that doesn’t sit well with your customers, it impacts your credibility.

Ranks on SERPs

When you create a video, you want to reach people. The best way to reach them is through the search engine results pages. People dive into these pages to get answers to their queries.

The best part is most results pages carry videos on the top fold. You will find more videos on these pages than other content types. You, too, can rank and get more visibility if you create the appropriate videos using text to voice or other formats of video creation.

As Google loves videos and is optimised for the search engines, you will enjoy a boost in the rankings and eventually visibility.

Mobile-first approach

Videos indeed cater to the mobile-first content approach. You will notice that these videos are mostly played on handheld devices, and they are excellent content formats for this place. Many videos can be played seamlessly on this device, which leads to more viewership and increased conversion.


Videos are empowering content formats, and you should check on them to improve your content viewership and engagement. Whether you choose to create type to voice AI videos or animated videos, thinking through the strategy and quality is essential.

Make sure you choose the right AI voice over video tool for the best results and enhance your viewership to maximise conversions.