About 15% of adults in America have some or other hearing issue. And if your loved one is also among them, you might have trouble, especially when you go outdoors with them.

After all, they might often have difficulty hearing you over the environmental noise. Plus, you always worry about their hearing aid battery dying and other uncalled-for situations. Due to several reasons, you might feel traveling with them is a no-go!

However, if you prepare a special “travel-friendly deaf kit,” you won’t have to sacrifice either of your wanderlust. So, go through this list right away!

1. Extra hearing aids 

Let’s be honest, while exploring a new city, moving through the crowd, and falling asleep on your way back to the hotel; your loved one may lose the hearing aids!

Though hearing aids are expensive, this unfortunate event may still turn up. Of course, getting your hands on suitable products in the new place might be hard. So, to play it safe, you must get a few more pairs of affordable hearing aids.

However, make sure that you buy low-quality devices. Look up FDA-registered sellers and invest in medical-grade products. Otherwise, their experience on the trip won’t be enjoyable.

2. Batteries or charging case 

If your loved one’s device needs disposable batteries, stock up on enough batteries. So, even if the aids stop working on the go, you can get a quick fix.

On the other hand, if they use rechargeable hearing aids, don’t forget to fully charge them before leaving and pack the charging case.

If you miss these, you will have a hell of a time looking up batteries/charging cases in the new city. And the relaxed vibe of the trip will be hampered.

Another thing to remember is that always pack these items in your handbag or backpack. Don’t put it with the rest of your luggage as you can’t take them out on the go. And definitely don’t put it in your pockets as it might fall off without you noticing.

3. ID cards 

It’s not unusual to get lost while traveling, so prepare for the worst ahead of time. Especially if this person can only use sign language, communicating and reaching out to you will be tough... unless they have their own smartphone!

So, create a card that says “I am deaf” or “I have hearing loss” along with a few basic information like your contact number, booked hotel with address and room number, and even the hotel reception number.

This way, others can help them safely return to you.

4. Notepad and pen or smartphone apps 

Your loved one may also want to communicate with fellow travelers and tourists. If they can write the common language, they can use smartphone note apps to communicate with others.

If the two people have different languages, they can also use Google Translate and other reliable apps.

However, in case smartphones may run out of battery or they lose their smartphone, you must also prepare a physical notepad and pen for them.

5. Dry box and cleaning kit 

If you will visit a humid place or play in the water (like waterparks or beaches), a waterproof box is a must-have!

You can use waterproof hearing aids, but they are expensive, so you might buy only one. The rest of your gadgets must go in the box to protect them from dust and water.

Moreover, in case the box fails to protect your precious gear, you must always have the cleaning kit around. Don’t let the grime and moisture sit in them, and get those cleaned ASAP!

6. Hearing aid covers

These objects are like socks to your hearing aid. They protect the device from slight rain, dusty winds, and even sweat. It will help you prolong the lifespan of your expensive gadget.

It also helps if you want to go on active trips like trekking or hours of staying outdoors. You won’t need to clean them in between your journey.

This will save you from worrying about damaging your hearing aids, and relish the activity now!

Over to you 

These are some of the basic yet most-overlooked things you must pack for your next trip. However, you can also speak to your local health provider, caregiver, or friends with similar issues to get some more ideas!