Who wouldn’t want whiter teeth? Try as we might, these parts of our bodies can discolor over time and when this happens, it can leave many feeling insecure and even unwilling to smile in public. Fortunately, there are a multitude of ways to whiten teeth, from techniques that can be practiced at home, right through to methods that are best left to the professionals. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at three ways that you can achieve a whiter smile.

Option One - Visit a Dentist

There are so many celebrities that are keen to find a dentist office in Port Charlotte, Florida because this part of the State has specialists that cater to providing a white smile with minimal fuss. For anyone hoping to enjoy a bright smile like A-listers and Hollywood movie stars, there’s no better place to visit. The great thing about visiting a dentist for tooth whitening is that they’ll be able to evaluate your teeth and then suggest the best treatment to suit your needs.

Not all stains and discoloration are caused by the same things and so having an expert take a look at the cause and then suggest a solution can be helpful. Even the most stubborn stains may be treatable with professional help and advice.

Option Two - Try a Home Remedy

From bicarb right through to white vinegar, or a combination of both - plenty of people are turning to home remedies in an effort to remove the discoloration of their teeth and enjoy a healthier, whiter smile. Experts suggest avoiding consistent use of potentially harmful acids such as vinegar, but most agree that occasional use can be acceptable. When they say acceptable, they mean once or twice a month with vinegar, or once a week when just using baking soda or bicarb in general.

If you notice any adverse reaction to home remedies, stop immediately as in the most extreme cases, chemicals can cause gums to recede, or teeth to weaken with repeated exposure. It’s never worth running the risk when a better option would be a trip to the dentist.

Option Three - A Change of Diet

Many people don’t realize that the surface stains on their teeth are exactly that - surface stains. This minor discoloration can break down over time if certain food and drink is avoided, including coffee, red wine, and food like beetroot which actually contributes to purple dye throughout India and other parts of the world. By reducing exposure to these types of consumables, the enamel on your teeth can begin to break down stains and reveal a smoother, whiter surface underneath.

A change to your diet won’t just benefit your teeth, but could also improve your overall heath and well-being, with organic, vitamin-rich foods always being preferred over coffee and wine.

It’s always advisable to seek professional medical care when possible, as these experts are trained and licensed to provide their services. With that in mind, there shouldn’t be much harm in trying the other techniques mentioned above, and a dentist might even recommend them to enhance their own efforts when it comes to teeth whitening.