If you run a charity, you’ll know that the money you receive is carefully managed so that every last cent is spent in the right area to help you achieve your objectives. While that means much of your income will go directly on helping the cause or the people that you’re dedicated to, you’re always going to need to spend something on self-promotion, marketing materials, and outreach efforts. After all, a charity with few donations isn’t going to make as much of an impact as one that’s drawing in considerable attention. Here’s three ways you can ensure you’re increasing donations without spending too much of your existing donations in the process.


All charities have overheads and costs, which donations often cover. These costs involve staff salaries, office space, stores, utility bills, overseas trips, research reports, and much more. You’ll be spending a portion of your incomings to support these costs, but there’s a chance that you can reduce them to direct more cash to what really matters: your marketing efforts.

It can be difficult to make a charity more efficient. It’s likely that your staff salaries are low and that you’re rarely spending more than you feel is absolutely necessary. Still, a review of your costs and an audit of your processes might reveal some saving opportunities that you can redirect into your marketing spend in the coming months.

Marketing Partners

Marketing is how you’ll get your message out there as a charity. In some cases, you’ll be able to put adverts into magazines and newspapers for a reduced fee, which is often offered to non-profit enterprises. In other cases, you might get great exposure from a partnership with celebrities or influencers. You should know though that you need to reach people when they’re out and about and while they’re browsing the internet. This means engaging with marketing.

The best way to maximize the benefits of marketing is to partner with a charity communications agency that you can trust to deliver traffic and donations to your charity on a cost-effective basis. You’ll want to vet your potential partners, asking them what they believe they can offer to your organization, and how they’ll go about it before you choose the marketing partner that will help your charity go from strength to strength.

Targeted Adverts 

If your charity is dealing with a specific issue, such as wildlife conservation or disaster relief, you should be prepared to spend a good portion of your budget to target adverts at consumers in the wake of an event that’s related to your charity. For instance, in the case of a hurricane that your charity will help people recover from, being able to roll out a huge donation campaign quickly is vitally important.

In this sense, you need to have materials prepared and ready to go, including images, a donation page, a fund tracker, and a set of targets for your marketing, so that you can generate as many donations as possible in a short space of time.

Getting donations is how charities support their causes. Increase yours with smart marketing so that you can help even more in your chosen field.