Each type of event requires a different venue. For instance, weddings are traditionally held in a church or hotel ballroom. If you're looking to hold your conference at a specific venue, check that the space is large enough to fit all of your attendees comfortably and that you'll be able to provide them with catering and Wi-Fi access. 

Venues come in all shapes and sizes for events, big or small, formal or casual. The range of venues for hire includes churches, hotels, halls, and community centers, among others, with their own individual characteristics which will be best suited to your needs depending on size or function. 

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best venue for your event.

Set an Adequate Budget 

Like any event, the first step is to decide your budget. Determine how much you can spend on the venue, and then determine if that venue is within your budget. For instance, a formal dinner will cost more than a casual picnic at the park or beach. 

Choosing the right budget is difficult, as every person and event differs. Set realistic goals for yourself, and consider the venue's availability, size, and function in your budget.

Consider Functionality 

Consider how many people will be attending your event, the type of event, and their age. Different venues have different facilities from which you'll need to provide catering or Wi-Fi access.

You should think about the type of event you are planning and what facilities your guests will need, and what it will take to get those facilities at your venue. Take a look at The Venue at Friendship Springs and see what facilities are provided, and speak with the staff to see what you may need to provide yourself.

Space, Space, Space

 Consider how much space is needed for the kind of event you are planning and what will fit in that space comfortably. Make sure there is enough room for decorations and tables (if it's a conference) and space for guests to move around freely. 

It's important to remember that if your guests are all at a conference or event indoors, they will be in close quarters with one another. To prevent any possible discomfort or awkwardness (which is never good for a professional event), make sure your venue has enough space for decoration and set-up and for your guests to mingle comfortably.

Consider the Guest List

 When calculating how many guests you need to accommodate, take into account the number of people who will be attending, their age and gender, as well as any businesses or other attendees who may be coming with them.

 Try to keep in mind that most venues will have different space limitations in place, especially with regard to COVID regulations, which may only allow for a certain amount of guests. If you are planning an intimate wedding or an exclusive invite-only event and only want a few people attending, remember to figure in extra space for decorations and/or set-up before booking the venue.