If you have an old, unusable car taking up space, one option is to sell it to a junkyard or scrap yard for cash. While junkyards offer convenience, you'll want to take steps to maximize your payout when selling your junk car for cash.

  • Remove Valuable Parts First

One strategy is to remove valuable parts before selling your junk car for cash. Components like batteries, electronics, catalytic converters and tires can sometimes fetch more individually on the open market compared to what the junkyard will pay as part of the car. Just be sure to get approval from the buyer on which parts you can remove while still honoring the quoted cash for junk cars price. Selling parts separately can mean more money in your pocket.

  • Consider Minor Fixes

Sometimes spending money to fix small issues can increase your junk car's value beyond the cost of repairs. For example, replacing worn tires, broken lights or missing trim pieces can boost offers. Get written repair estimates to present to the buyer. Most junkyards will factor added value from minor fixes into their cash for junk cars quotes as long as you have documentation from a mechanic. Smart repairs mean major payout boosts.

  • Gather Vehicle Documents

Having your title, registration and other car documentation on hand makes the sale process quick and easy. Contact your DMV to learn what paperwork is required to transfer ownership and release liability when selling to a junkyard in your state.

Also compile maintenance records, repair invoices and anything else that validates your vehicle's condition. This provides support for negotiating the best price. Proper documentation gets you paid promptly.

  • Negotiate!

Junkyards initially quote low offers, expecting sellers to negotiate the price up. Don't be afraid to counter their first bid to get more cash for your junk car. Pointing out valuable parts and providing repair estimates justifies asking for a higher quote.

Even if the junkyard won't budge on price, you can often get extras like having them tow the car for free. The key is asking for more and being willing to walk away if your price isn't met. Flex those negotiation skills for big money!

  • Check Online Reviews

Research the junkyard's reputation online before doing business. Reviews on sites like Google can give insight on others' experiences selling their junk cars for cash. Read through multiple reviews to identify any common themes or trends regarding the junkyard's pricing practices, customer service, and transparency. Check review dates as well - numerous recent negative reviews could indicate a decline in the quality of the business. Choose a junkyard with overwhelmingly positive feedback and few descriptions of shady practices for the highest probability of a smooth, fair transaction when selling your car. The extra time invested in vetting buyers ultimately protects you against leaving money on the table at the time of sale.


With some preparation and research, selling your unwanted car to a junkyard can provide nice cash return. Roadtestedparts makes it fast and convenient to turn your old junker into cash. Their top cash quotes and responsive service put more money in your pocket. Get started today selling your junk car for cash!