Solid beauty products are increasingly becoming popular both in homes and on cosmetic store shelves. From making the skin smooth and clean to keeping dermal and eco-friendly concerns at bay, solid beauty products offer a multitude of benefits, and a facial soap bar is one of them.

So, how do you pick the best facial soap bar for your unique skin type? To pick the right facial soap bar, you need to understand your type of skin deeply. Let's discover some tips you can use to choose the right soap bar.

Understand Your Skin Type

There are five common types of skins, including:

  • Normal: Your skin is neither too dry nor oily. That means your bar soap must be neutral as your skin type. Before you can purchase your soap bar, read the labels to ensure it's formulated for your type of skin. Any product ideal for oily or dry skin isn't for you. Using any soap formulated for oily or dry skin can easily clog your skin pores.
  • Dry: If your skin type is dry, you'll often experience dry patches, flaky skin, itchiness, etc. You need to go for a soap that includes ingredients like jojoba oil, olive oil, aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, glycerin, and cocoa butter. These ingredients feature moisturizing properties.
  • Oily: Excess production of sebum leads to oily skin. This skin type is popular with acne breakouts. If you're after a soap bar for this skin type, go for the one with tea tree oil, sea salt, aloe vera, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide. With these ingredients, the soap will be gentle on the skin and help alleviate excess oil.
  • Combination: Does your skin feature both oily and dry properties? It's a combination skin, and you should avoid soap bars formulated for dry or oily skin. Soaps that have glycerin can be the perfect choice for your skin type.
  • Sensitive: Sensitive skin is popular with allergic reactions and skin irritations. If you've got this skin type, go for soaps with soothing and gentle formulations. Make sure your soap doesn't have sulfates, artificial fragrances, and alcohol. Soaps with natural ingredients best suit your skin type.

3 Tips for Picking the Right Soap for Your Unique Skin

  • Do not purchase body soap for your face. Body soaps may not work well for your facial skin.
  • If the soap you're using is making you uncomfortable or leading to itchiness and dry skin, it isn't formulated for your skin. Opt for a milder soap bar that includes natural ingredients.
  • Always consult with an experienced dermatologist to know the perfect soap for you, especially when suffering from any skin illness. A prescribed medicated soap bar could be your lasting solution.

Various types of bar soaps are available on the market, all of them promising to be ideal for your skin. A sure bet is to order your facial soap bar from a leading and reputable provider. Always go for options that feature natural ingredients.