Security and privacy nowadays are the very words that we hear every day. Everyone needs to watch their privacy on the internet and even in messengers. There are many reasons for this: the safety of personal data, preservation of anonymity while communicating online, the danger of running into scammers during correspondence. During communication, we often share personal information. But how to keep confidentiality and not get into an unpleasant situation while communicating in messengers?  Application clients of the popular messenger Telegram come to the rescue, and today we will consider three of the best applications to save your privacy.

1. The first app to look at is Nicegram.

The app has a lot of interesting features, such as viewing the registration date of a user's profile, clickable links in the account bio, expanding the app's memory, and converting voice messages into text messages. There are also artificial intelligence features that allow you to solve math examples, generate images right in the chat, offer quick replies to text messages.

But the most intriguing innovation is the app's privacy feature. Being a user of two or more accounts, with Nicegram you can hide your accounts using the free double-bottom feature. This feature is represented by a password for all hidden accounts. To enter a hidden account, you need to enter the password of the account you need access to, and access to the second account will be blocked. 

All information about your accounts is stored on Telegram's servers, and Nicegram's source code is open source, so you can make sure that your data is safe.

2. The second place is deservedly taken by the Graph Messenger app.

This Telegram client application also emphasizes on maintaining privacy when using messenger. Inside the application you can find the following features: the presence of a signal inside the application that notifies the account owner when a certain person appears online, changing the voice when sending voice messages. You can also hide private chats and channels. You can open them only after entering a password.

In Graph Messenger you can also find features to improve and simplify your daily communication: creating 100 active accounts at the same time, uploading files from several sources at the same time, displaying all media files from chats on one page. With Graph Messenger you can set up a single news feed and chronological display of messages, you can also edit images in chat messages and enable auto-replies for certain contacts.

3. The third application we will look at is Mobogram. 

The application has many features to help you communicate safely online. For example, forwarding messages with message content editing, forwarding a message without the author's name. Advanced contact blocking, deleting files from your device when you delete a message with an attachment, hidden chats and contacts, changing voice in voice messages, self-destructing messages. You can also create secret chats using end-to-end encryption for added privacy.

In addition, the app has many features to improve the messenger communication process, such as categorizing chats, the ability to store data from the app on the device itself. Exit from a group with the ability to return, highlighting mutual contacts, and much more. 

To summarize briefly, nowadays, maintaining privacy when communicating online is an urgent problem that every user should think about. In the matter of preserving the safety of communication, we are helped by such applications clients that have extended privacy settings. There are a lot of such applications, they have different functionality, but their goal is to help users stay safe and save personal data. When choosing an app, rely on your preferences and then the new app on your Android device will bring you only joy.