Are you seeking advice for women visiting Saudi Arabia and interested in learning more about Saudi culture? Saudi Arabia, the land of ancient history, vast deserts, and breathtaking landscapes, is increasingly opening its doors to tourists. The country might seem shrouded in mystery for women considering a solo adventure, with cultural norms sparking questions and concerns.  Let's debunk some common misconceptions and equip you with the knowledge you need for a safe and enriching solo trip.

Ditch the Guardian Myth: Traveling Solo is a Reality

The days of women needing a male guardian to travel in Saudi Arabia are long gone. At the moment, girls from 18 years old can apply for an independent visitor's visa.

Whether you are meeting a local on the train or walking down the street, stunning monuments or even cultural festivals, these things create exciting memories for the solo females travelling within the kingdom.

Pro Tip: Take off alone! Arrange your travel, go at your speed, and engage with Saudi Arabia in the ways that suit you. That gives you strength!

Dress Modestly, Not Mysteriously

Even though Saudi Arabia has strict customs, it does not restrict tourists for others to wear full-covering attire. The key here is avoiding wearing mini skirts or skin-tight clothes for example.

Pick lightweight outfits that cover your shoulders and knees. This should be your default attire while on the road. Sleeveslessers and skirts or trousers (more proactive) are very good.

Remember: Scarves are not necessarily mandatory but showing sympathy towards the local culture is a huge point in more conservative settlements.

Pro Tip: Help your body adjust by packing breathable fabrics that will allow the heat to pass through. Invest in the multifunctional scarf that can also fit as a head covering and a sarong that may be needed for unexpected circumstances.

Double Beds are for Everyone (Truly)

The lodging of single couples is a commonly discussed issue when it comes to hotels in Saudi Arabia. It is noteworthy that there can be variations in hotel regulations for this issue.

It is thus essential to carefully read the hotel's policies and booking procedure before your visit. You guarantee a seamless check-in procedure and prevent any possible problems. It is by ensuring you reserve tickets for Saudia Airlines earlier.

Pro Tip: Verify the hotel's policies when reserving. Most accept single couples.

Culture Meets Exchange Should Be Before Court

Saudi Arabia is known to be a nation of warm hospitality. Locals are quite welcoming and keen to be informed about tourists. Expect to hear about missing you here, too, although it might come in different forms in the future.

Adopt these interactions! But bear in mind, and refrain from engaging in physical greetings like hugs, kisses, etc., which are not common to public shows. So smile instead.

Pro Tip: Besides what you learnt at the traditional intercultural exchange, memorizing a few basic Arabic phrases like "Marhaba" (Hello) and "Shukran" (Thank you) will surely enrich your cultural interaction.

Safe and Sound: Exploring on Your Own

Visiting solo in the country is safe, and better in the habit of using the main cities. Public transportation is widely spread like ride-hailing apps or taxis which enable one to take a tourist around.

To have an experience richer in terms of engagement, join the tourists who are guided and led by the companies that many have known to be authentic. Sometimes these tours reduce the path to the female travelers and become a pleasurable tool to discover the cultural sites and the hidden places.

Pro Tip: Even though it's a safe option, it's still prohibitive to walk along dimly lit paths or abandoned streets at night. In case you have a craving for a night walk, do not venture into off-the-main streets and stick to the lighted ones.

Respectful Interactions: Avoiding Unwanted Attention

Unwelcome attention can be found anywhere in the world, but this is less found in Saudi Arabia when compared to a few other places. Confidence and assertiveness are key to handling difficult situations with clients.

If you get inappropriate comments or gestures, don't be afraid to say it politely and firmly and move on. First and the most important thing that must be remembered is to trust your gut. Whenever you experience that something feels not right, do not forget to take yourself away from this situation.

Pro Tip: Make sure to bring along your hotel's Arabic address on your business card so you can ask for assistance or communication with locals if needed.

Beyond the Beach: A World of Water Activities

Swimming is the case for women in Saudi Arabia; it is not exclusively a men's thing. Some resorts and hotels feature custom-designed female-only swimming areas where women can rest by water, enjoying the water with large units shielding them from other tourists in a culturally sensitive manner.

Beaches for public use might have zones to distinguish families and women. Do not think twice to request recommendations from your hotel staff on the best place for you that would be suited for your purpose.

Remember: Modesty when a person goes swimming at the public beach in Saudi Arabia seems to be more important than showing a bikini. As for the clothing, aim for rash guards, shorts or a one-piece swimwear.

Pro Tip: Astronaut life is a unique and routine-oriented experience that challenges individuals both physically and mentally.  Share an experience during which you had to adjust to a new routine for an extended time.


With these hidden gems, you're ready to plan a unique trip for yourself when visiting Saudi Arabia.  Take in the diverse array of cultures, from the humming souqs to the placid desert vistas. Accept the kindness of Saudi hospitality, where a kind hand or a kind word can turn into a treasured memory.  Above all, be ready to find a nation that defies preconceptions.  Therefore, pack your luggage with an adventurous spirit, and get ready to discover the enchantment of Saudi Arabia on a solo trip that will never be forgotten. This journey will be full of cultural experiences and newfound friendships.