Updating the home is a rite of passage, and design trends are a great way to source great new ideas as well as take advantage of your options. If wood furniture is trending, then you’ll have a lot more options than if glass or metal furniture is the in-thing. Colors, styles, and even unique additions cycle through every year and season, and keeping updated on the latest changes means being ready to jump on design ideas you like while there’s plenty of options to pick from.

Seamless Design

Glass has always been a great design tool to help you refocus your attention where you want it. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outdoors in, for example, and the clear plastic furniture trend has been hugely popular for how light and open they leave your home feeling. This trend is set to continue, with a few key additions. On top of windows and clear furniture, you can expect more clear elements like glass fences, railings, or balconies. These can’t be done by a layman, so if you want to brighten up your space and increase the visual space in your home or backyard with a glass fence, you’ll need to call in specialist glass fence installers.

Modern Maximalism

Modern maximalism is a unique shift from the cluttered look of maximalism in the past, while still moving away from minimalism. Modern maximalist spaces will have paneling on the wall, statement rugs, large furniture pieces, and plenty of small décor. What sets it apart are the clean lines, and often built-in storage that means the only clutter you see, is clutter you want.

Unique Textures

Textures are one of the ways that modern maximalism will take hold. From hand-crafted tiles that feature unique textures all the way to rugs that have dips and mounds, textures are set to dominate home design this year. With touch such a key part of how we feel and interact with any space, this is a welcomed addition.

Mixing Old With New

Natural materials are making a huge comeback, and with those materials a mix of new and old. Vintage pieces pair well with modern accents, and the combination is allowing more people to express themselves while taking advantage of the quality craftsmanship of the past.

Smart Homes are Here to Stay

Smart homes are becoming the norm, and for good reason. Not only are smart homes ones that have built in features that allow everyone to get more function out of their spaces, they are also more sustainable. You can set your power to turn off when your phone leaves the property. You can have it automatically turn on again when you’re on your way home. A smart home, particularly one with fully integrated features, is one that costs less to run and yet offers more enjoyment than standard. A properly integrated system that doesn’t add bulky devices is the best choice, since it lets you seamlessly add these features without taking away from the visual aesthetic of the space.