Tourism in Ukraine. The country of Ukraine located on the borders of Europe and Asia. This country has many surprises in store for you, notably Kiev, its capital, which has real architectural jewels, as well as numerous museums, which will allow you to discover the history and culture of the country. Visit Kyiv's oldest Orthodox cathedral, St. Sophia's Cathedral, or the impressive Laure Monastery of the Kyiv Caves.Let’s discover together the important things that you should know if you are planning for tourism in Ukraine.

1. When to go to Ukraine

Ukraine has a temperate continental climate characterized by large variations in temperature between seasons. The temperature can thus drop to -3 and -4 ° C in the port city of Odessa during December, January, and February. The 28 ° C are regularly reached in July and August. Winter and summer thus form two strongly distinct and marked seasons. Therefore, the period from April to October is the best for tourism in Ukraine.

2. Where to stay in Ukraine

Ukraine has many luxury hotels and resorts in most of its cities, especially in the capital Kyiv, where it is possible to stay in five-star hotels such as Hilton, Fairmont Grand, Intercontinental, Hyatt Regency and others, and there are other options of the four and three star categories that suit the budgets of all travelers.

3. Transportation

Generally, it is good and available as there are different road systems and networks. The means of transportation run in circular lines, i.e., around the city.

3.1 Buses

All major cities in Ukraine have a fairly dense bus network, but bus stations remain dilapidated and archaic. The main connections between the big cities are ensured by private companies, sometimes composed of large air-conditioned buses, but more often there are small buses from 15 to 20 seats. They only leave when they are full.

3.2 Train

They are numerous and circulate regularly. However, don't expect high-speed trains, but take advantage of the many night trains with sleepers, at cheaper prices than the bus, to save time on your visits.

3.3 Car

You must be in possession of an international driving license and an international automobile insurance certificate. It is compulsory for foreign tourists driving in Ukraine. A valid insurance certificate is sufficient. At the back of the certificate are listed the countries where the insurance is valid. Ukraine is included.

3.4 Metro

Fast, practical, and affordable, the metro allows you to get around without suffering from traffic jams from 6 am to midnight. You can buy single tickets, or take advantage of a pass system if you live in Kyiv.

4. Language

Ukrainian resembles Russian, of which it is a distant cousin by marriage; the two languages are from the same linguistic family. So, as in Russia, the Cyrillic alphabet is used. It is imperative to know a few words of Russian or to have at least a few notions. Only a few young people in big cities speak English.

5. Tourism in Ukraine; the important attractions and monuments in Ukraine

Ukraine hosts many historical places and landmarks distinguished by its luxurious designs that dazzle the eye. On this tab, we will reveal the most important tourist attractions in Ukraine and the places worth visiting.

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5.1 Tourism in Ukraine; Kyiv

Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital and the largest city in the country, is distinguished by the abundance of tourist facilities, including museums and churches, as it abounds in many wonderful gardens and parks along the West Bank of the Dnipro River.Kyiv is a hospitable city that has a lot to offer its visitors from around the world, ranging from historical heritage to creative architecture and modern business centers.Kyiv, has as a unique flavor in which the charming nature blends with modernity, there is a group of tourist places in Ukraine Kyiv; including:

  • Saint Sophia Cathedral

This cathedral is located in the heart of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. It is considered one of the most important monuments in Ukraine as it was listed by UNESCO among the World Heritage sites, Saint Sophia Cathedral is a witness to Russian architecture only built during the reign of Kievan Rus and includes many murals and mosaics.

  • Ukraine History Museum

The most important historical museum in Ukraine was founded in 1944, which includes more than 800 thousand pieces representing Ukrainian culture and history. The Ukrainian History Museum is one of the most famous tourist places in Kyiv. It displays a collection of coins, archeology, firearms, white weapons, ceramics, glass, and others.

  • The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the ancient city of Kyiv. It is a historic gateway to the fortress of the city located in the heart of the city, designed in the Byzantine style by Yaroslav the Wise, in the period between 1017-1024 AD.

5.2 Tourism in Ukraine; Odesa

Odesa is located on the shores of the Black Sea and is among the most beautiful Ukrainian cities where tourists intend for recreation in its picturesque beaches. Such as, Lanzheron Beach which is one of the most important beaches in the region due to its proximity to the city center and enjoy its warm climate as well as visit its historical landmarks and tourist places such as the famous and distinguished opera house with its wonderful design and its beautiful decorations.Below a list of the most important monuments in Odessa:

  • Odessa Zoo

Odesa Zoo is one of the most important places of tourism in Ukraine Odesa, which is originally a nature reserve gifted by international organizations to the government of Ukraine, containing a huge variety of various types and species of animals, which number about 1600 from 243 different species.

  • Shevchenko Park

It is the central cultural and recreational park in the heart of Odesa, Ukraine, in front of the main building of the famous Kyiv University.When you arrive at the entrance to this park, you can see the memorial of the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, who is one of the symbols of modern Kyiv and named after this wonderful garden after him. This park is one of the tourist places in Odesa, Ukraine, and it is the favorite place in Odesa for the city's residents in addition to the tourists coming to it.

  • Lanzheron Beach

This beach is considered one of the most important places of tourism in Ukraine Odesa, and it is one of the charming beaches of the city. It is characterized by its proximity to the city center, so you see it attracts a lot of locals and tourists alike, especially in the summer to enjoy the pure sea water and the soft beach sands.Above were the most important monuments to visit when traveling to Ukraine. Don’t miss it!

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