Traveling to Mexico can be a real enjoyment for anyone willing to try something different for a travel destination. Tourism is hugely valued in the country, especially by the locals, which makes it a touristic dream for first-time travelers. The food and the traditions are famous throughout the world, which makes it easy to figure out what to do and what not to do when trying to get along with the hosts. The first thing to keep in mind when deciding the activities to engage in when entering the country is that the locals are very celebrating and welcoming when the person is in it for fun, which reflects the many activities that are possible in this country.

1. Touristic activities

Those activities include visiting old Mayan ruins in the middle of rain forests, shopping at one of the biggest malls in the country in the capital, going to an amusement park, and even relax at the picturesque white shores in Mexico City and so on.

1.1 Visiting landmarks

Mexico is known for the Mayan ruins left behind by the great civilization, and today it is a big touristic attraction that can lead to a swell time and a ton of great photos and anecdotes to tell. In the city of Zocalo, the region is notorious for sightseeing and great Aztec styled buildings, the scenery does feel like a picture in motion, and it represents a large portion of the Mexican culture and native history.

1.2 Honoring the day of the dead

One of the most notorious festivals in Mexico and even the world is the day of the dead celebration. It is the reason for many people to travel to Mexico, and it has considerable charm and pizazz to go with its reputation. It is a significant festive event that attracts people from all over the country to participate and from all over the world to observe. The idea behind the event itself is that celebrating the dead will help the living prosper in peace, and it revolves around costumes and dancing in the middle of a giant carnival.Related: An organized travel to Brazil inspiration and advice

2. Tips for accommodation and food in Mexico

The travel to Mexico can be very stressful and resource-consuming for visitors, so there are a few tips and tricks to help tourists get by and fit in the environment to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

2.1 Accommodation

  • There are many hotels with relatively reasonable prices on their rooms or dorms, the highest is 30 dollars, and the lowest is 7 dollars, with prices ranging in between.
  • Going for the best hotels in town is not advisable, but listening and reading reviews about the cheaper ones to look for the cleanest might be a good idea.
  • The thing that Mexico and other coast-like cities and countries excel at is Airbnb hotels that provide a more distinct and immersing experience for a moderate price.
  • Looking for an apartment or renting a house is not that pricy, but it does depend on the spot, the owner, and no doubt, the house, or the condo.

2.2 Food

The Mexican restaurant is famous throughout the globe with its spicy flavors and strong, colorful tastes. It is no wonder that food is a source of attraction to many tourists, but there are some precautions to keep in mind when going into a restaurant.

  • The spices conducted in the Mexican restaurant are very much for seasoning legumes and vegetables.
  • Some spices are very ingredient-heavy, which might trigger an unacquainted stomach.
  • When going to buy market food, choosing the right seller and the right meal can make all the difference. It can lower the price extensively as well as provide a different and authentic experience of Mexican specials.

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