Travel to Russia; the largest country in the world with more than 143 million inhabitants. Russia is in the top 10 of the most visited countries in the world, the number of travelers attracted by its authenticity and its diversity has grown steadily for more than 20 years. The largest country in the world offers its visitors the opportunity to discover typical landscapes, cultures, and traditions.

1. Entry formalities

A visa is required for any stay in Russia. You will need to request it from the Russian Embassy in your country. Your visa will be issued upon presentation of an "invitation" from a Russian guarantor (private individual, hotel, company, etc.) and a passport valid at least six months after your departure from the country.

2. What season to travel to Russia?

In Russia, the seasons are very different. The country is not always cold and snowy, as many people imagine. The climate can vary over the same period, but it is still possible to identify which one is best for you to get there.Many travelers prefer to visit Russia in the summer. The country is sunnier, and one can thus see its most beautiful landscapes under the light. In autumn, although the season offers sumptuous scenery of changing nature, it is rarely sunny, the weather is often gray and rainy, which could cloud your trip.In spring, the snowmelt is important; travelers can quickly find themselves wading in the mud that invades the country. A somewhat risky period to enjoy your stay.Russia is known for being a cold country; it is true that winter can be freezing, and the climate is very harsh. Temperatures can drop to -40 ° C. To visit certain regions of the country during this season. You must provide special cold-weather equipment and consider travel and accommodation adapted to the season. The risks of extreme cold are highest in rural areas of the country. The cities are very lively and less cold.

3. Where to stay when you travel to Russia

This is the most expensive item. High and low seasons are not necessarily the same, depending on the type of accommodation. For youth hostels and other small addresses aimed above all at tourists, the high season runs from May-June to September. Whereas for hotels, more frequented by businessmen, July and August generally correspond to the low season. And for the latter, the prices are often lower on weekends.

4. Food in Russia

In Russia, it is very easy to eat good food at a fair price. Indeed, nothing better than to go to the stolovayas (student canteens, workers) where you will eat typical Russian dishes for a price of around 316 RUB per dish maximum.If you have the opportunity to cook your own meals, it is better to prefer local products from the markets. For fruits and vegetables, it is preferable to buy them at babushkas who sell their vegetable products on the street.

5. Transport

The bus (inconvenient) and the metro (very convenient) are quite cheap. But taxis are more expensive: count 400-500 RUB for an average race in Moscow.Related: Eastern European countries to visit for a clear mind

6. Where to go and what to visit when you travel to Russia?

6.1 The most important cities in Russia

  • Moscow:

Among the Kremlin's grandeur, old Stalinist buildings, and monuments with onion-like peaks are the most famous landmarks even for indigenous people. Moscow is one of Russia's most attractive cities for tourism and the most important tourism city in all of Russia.Moscow is located on the Moskva River, in western Russia, and is the administrative capital of Russia. The historical construction in Moscow is characterized by the Mughal style, which has always shown the strength of the Russian entity, and this is evident in detail and in many tourist attractions and places in Moscow.

  • Saint Petersburg:

One of the most important destinations when you travel to Russia is Saint Petersburg. Located in northwestern Russia, east of the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea, and crosses the second largest city in Russia and the fourth largest city in Europe.The weather in Saint Petersburg is very cold in winter and mild in summer.The city is considered one of the tourist cities of Russia, as it hosts about 8000 archaeological sites, the most important of which are the Winter Palace, the Caesarean Village, the Petropavlovsk Castle, the Palaces Square, and Nevsky Street.

  • Kazan:

When you travel to Russia, don't forget to visit Kazan, tourism in Kazan has a special character, especially for sports fans, as it is officially Russia's third capital and sports capital.Kazan is also the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. It is considered one of the most important cultural centers of Russia, as it contains many museums, theaters, celebration halls, and libraries.Kazan has the shortest metro in the world in terms of distance; you can cross the entire line in just 10 minutes.

  • Sochi:

Sochi is one of Russia's tourist cities located on the Black Sea. In 2014 the city hosted the Winter Olympic Games, it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Russia and is visited by winter sports fans.Many locals and tourists from around the world come to Sochi in the winter to enjoy skiing at its snowy resorts, parks, and large beaches.

  • Vladivostok:

You travel to Russia will be more magnificent, if you intend to go to the city of Vladivostok, where Forbes ranked it among the top 10 entertainment and tourism cities in Russia, knowing that Russia contains about 1,110 cities and towns.The city includes huge numbers of cultural attractions, including museums, theaters, and art galleries, not to mention the reserves and natural monuments in Vladivostok.

6.2 The important attraction to visit when you travel to Russia

  • Red square:

Red Square is one of the most popular squares in Russia. The square takes the shape of a square and is located between a famous historical commercial market in Moscow called (Kitay Gorod), and between the Kremlin Palace.The square is one of the most important tourism places in Moscow, and its location in the heart of the city is easily accessible from all directions and highways leading to and from the capital.The Red Square is located alongside other symbols, such as the Orb. The square is surrounded by beautifully-built architectural buildings, which evokes prestige, dread, and dazzling at the same time.

  • The Hermitage:

The Hermitage is the largest museum in Russia and the second largest museum in the world after the Louvre Museum in Paris. The museum consists of 5 buildings, most notably the Winter Palace.The Hermitage Museum of Peter the Great and his family were built in the Dutch style in 1708, and it plays an essential role in the city's centuries-old history, rebuilt again in 1711, then completely redesigned in 1754, and was completed in 1762.

  • Kazan Kremlin:

Many do not know that there is a Kremlin other than the one in the capital, Moscow. The Kazan Kremlin dates back to the Islamic era in the history of the Volga, built around the 10th or 13th century, and is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.It has many government offices, and there are beautiful parks around it, and many religious buildings, the most famous of which is the colossal and magnificent Cole Sharif Mosque.

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