Are you planning to travel to the USA? Get ready for one of the best trips of your life.

The diversity of landscapes will amaze you, the disproportionate panoramas, and breathtaking wild nature. Composed of fifty states and seventeen times the size of France, the American territory is the land of road trips par excellence. With its 6 million kilometers of roads, you will be transported to Far West scenery, canyons of red rocks, lush tropical forests, impressive swamps, imposing mountain peaks, and sandy beaches. Its nickname, "America the Beautiful," is well deserved.

Here is our pick of the best states to visit when you travel to the USA.

1. Travel to the USA; New York City

American icons like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Times Square are on every first-time visitor's list, but these are just a few of the attractions to see in New York's most populous city and most popular in America. Famous for the Big Apple, New York City is a popular destination for domestic and international visitors. Don't miss a leisurely stroll on the High Line, an ancient park laid out on a railway line that offers lush greenery, works of art, and wonderful panoramic views. Broadway and the Theater District are the places to see the latest musicals and plays; if you're an art lover, New York is your place: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Guggenheim Museum, and the Frick Collection. Or go shopping on Fifth Avenue, see Washington Square and Greenwich Village and Rockefeller Center, take a walk through Central Park, and be wowed by Grand Central Terminal. If you're staying longer than a few days, learn more about NYC architecture or take a trip to Brooklyn.

2. Travel to the USA; Chicago

Considered the second largest city, coming in second to New York in both size and population. A flagship of the Midwest, Chicago is the third most populous city ever, but its skyline, restaurants, shops, museums, and activities easily rival those of New York and Los Angeles. If it's baseball season, don't miss a Cubs game at the famous Wrigley Field. Take a peek at the Magnificent Mile, where you will find every imaginable and fantastic upscale restaurant. Chicago is the home to the nation's most important buildings, and you can see them all on a guided architecture tour from a boat on Lake Michigan. The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the nation's largest art museums, and Millennium Park is Chicago's newest attraction.

3. Travel to the USA; Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of America's most bustling, vibrant, and diverse states. The city that never sleeps has a collection of the most important historical and cultural attractions that you have to go through during your travel to the USA, such as the County Museum of Art inside the Row Museum.

In addition to its inclusion of some of the best and most famous entertainment venues in America, such as Walt Disney City, which organizes concerts and animation shows in its private halls. Universal Studios, Hollywood, where the best and most famous American cinematic works are filmed, enjoy surfing or cycling along the main road in the city or relax on Its beaches are among the most beautiful in America.

4. Travel to the USA; Grand Canyon

Situated in northern Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park is one of the nation's most famous national parks. It is the typical image of the American West. Founded in 1919, the park contains 4,931 km2 of protected space and geological wonders carved by the Colorado River over several millennia. It is home to the Grand Canyon massif with its superb layers of red rock, witnesses to a long geological development history.

The best way to envisage the canyon is to take the hiking path called Rim trail; you will gain access to several exceptional points of view.

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5. Travel to the USA; Miami

Miami is a vibrant sunshine destination. Enjoy the wonderful beaches of Miami Beach and its many activities, such as skiing in clear water and diving near Key West. At night at Ocean Drive, the neon lights with various colors bring the city to life in a very trendy atmosphere.

6. Travel to the USA; The Golden Gate bridge

Situated at the mouth of San Francisco Bay, the famous Red Bridge has become the landmark of California. Inaugurated in 1937 to link San Francisco and Marin County, this bridge still fascinates today for its elegance and modernity. 2.7 kilometers long and built 67 meters above the waters of the bay, you can cross the Golden Gate Bridge by car, bike, or on foot.

7. Travel to the USA; The United States Capitol

Located in Washington DC, and topped by a golden dome, the United States Capitol is a symbolic place for Americans. Constructed from 1793, the building that serves as the seat of Congress has been an emblem of United States legislative power and democracy for more than two centuries. The Capitol and its Cupola are free to visit and allow you to tame American history.

8. Travel to the USA; The French Quarter in New Orleans

A travel to the USA is not complete without having walked the picturesque streets of the New Orleans French Quarter, founded in 1718. knows as the old square, reflects the French and Spanish influence through its architectural heritage and culinary. Enjoy a unique experience walking the French Quarter's cobbled streets to find colonial houses with their wrought iron balconies and flower-filled patios.

9. Travel to the USA; San Francisco

Symbolized by the red chevrons of the Golden Gate Bridge, this legendary city on the San Francisco Bay Area is known for neighborhoods like Chinatown and the hippie enclave of Haight-Ashbury. While San Francisco is an ideal city for nature and jet-set lovers. It is also an ideal starting point for excursions to the Napa Valley wine region and Sonoma County or to the colossal tech campuses of Silicon Valley.

10. Travel to the USA; Pacific Coast Highway

It is one of the most charming and beautiful roads in the world; the Pacific Coast Highway runs along the Pacific Ocean for more than 1,000 kilometers. From the north of California to the south, you can admire a multitude of landscapes and cruise through coastal villages, sequoia forests,  and Napa Valley wine lands. In order to get the most of the ocean views, We recommend that you take the Pacific Coast Highway from north to south.

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