Did you know that In 2020, the global luxury jewelry market was valued at $21.39 billion? Turquoise has a rich history that is said to go back as far as 10 000 BC.

This gorgeous mineral forms when bacteria, like Athonite, grow over the stone. Once this bacteria grows on the rock, it transforms the stone's color into green.

This is a valuable gem since it's often used to ward off negative energies. Here are the different types of turquoise for jewelry making.

Fox Turquoise

Fox Turquoise is a type of gemstone prized by jewelry makers. It is a complex, semi-opaque, sky-blue rock found in the Fox turquoise mine in Valencia County, New Mexico. Fox turquoise varies in color from a bright blue to the color of robin's egg blue and is most prized for its glossy polish and veining.

Fox turquoise is a popular choice for rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and other jewelry. Other types of turquoise used in jewelry making include Kingman Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, and Silver Needle Turquoise.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, softer than Kingman Turquoise, is beloved for its bright blue hue. Silver Needle Turquoise is rare and has a sparkling silver shade. 

Kingman Turquoise

It is considered the highest quality turquoise due to its high hardness, vibrancy, and range of color. The Kingman mine in Arizona is the primary source of this type of turquoise, and it comes in various shades of blue with a hint of green.

The extraordinary hues, dependable consistency, and breathtaking aesthetics make Kingman Turquoise the perfect stone for jewelry making. It is ideal as a centerpiece for pendants, earrings, or necklaces.

It is the ideal choice for jewelry makers striving to create unique art pieces. When you are looking for gemstone jewelry, check out Kingman turquoise, and surely, you will love this.

Lone Mountain Turquoise

Lone Mountain Turquoise has a lighter, clearer blue color and is often found in the mines of Nevada. Its color, texture, and hardness are highly sought after, and this turquoise is often used in higher-end jewelry.

Lone Mountain Turquoise stands out among the other types for its unique cobalt color and spider web-like craftsmanship created in the stone. It is also famous for its rarity and formability, allowing jewelers to create intricate, mesmerizing pieces. This type of turquoise is truly a showstopper, commanding attention in any form of jewelry.

Royston Turquoise

Royston turquoise combines colorful blue and shades of green, some of which contain indicative veins of yellow, red, brown, and black. It is an opaque, cryptocrystalline form of turquoise that is mined in western Nevada. Because of its unique colors and characteristics, it is favored in Native American and southwestern-style jewelry.

The colors of Royston turquoise range from light blues and greens to deep blues and many shades in between. It can also be found with varying intensities within the same stone.

Understanding Types of Turquoise

Overall, there are endless possibilities for jewelry making with turquoise. With so many types of turquoise, the challenge of designing a unique piece is fun and exciting. Why not try to create a piece of jewelry with turquoise today?

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