If you and your friends love nothing more than piling around one of your houses with beers and snacks to watch the latest sports game, then when it comes to thinking about what to buy them for their birthday, naturally, something sports-related would be best.

With that being said, here are some of the most unique and exciting ways to surprise your sports-fan friend on their birthday with some fabulous gift ideas.

VIP Tickets to a Game

If your friend is more like a brother or sister to you and you are prepared to shower them with cash, then, quite obviously, one of the best ways to truly surprise your sports-loving friend on their birthday is to arrange to take them to their favorite team’s home game, with a VIP experience.

Spending the whole day at the venue will be the most perfect way to spend their birthday, and what is more, you get to treat yourself to the game too (and plenty of food and drink in the VIP stand).

Personalized Sports Equipment

For sports fans who are more active players than spectators, the time has come to treat them to a set of personalized rackets, clubs, towels, or a customized piece of equipment with their name on it.

Golfers would love a personalized golf towel, athletes a muscle recovery set in a wooden box engraved with their favorite motto, and for a more fun and delicious birthday treat, some chocolate dumbbells.

Authentic Autographs

If your friend is obsessed with a particular sports player or team, then contacting a verified and reputable autograph dealer for a hand-signed artefact, piece of clothing, or even a photograph would make the ideal birthday present.

Just make sure that the supplier can authenticate the autograph and they have proof of certification which they can pass on to you and you can include in the gift, so your sports-obsessed friend knows it is the real deal.

Sports Shirt Blanket

Keeping your friend warm and simultaneously giving them a gift that they are sure to treasure forever must be the best birthday gift and ordering a sporting t-shirt blanket will achieve both at the same time.

Hearing your friend say ‘I live in my t-shirt blanket’ that you lovingly had custom-made out of sports shirts and vests from past and current years of their favorite team will truly prove how well you nailed their birthday gift. The only problem is, how are you possibly going to top such a winning present for next year?

Backstage Tour

Finally, if your sports-loving friend has a milestone, or extra special birthday on the way, then why not go all out and arrange a backstage tour of their favorite hometown stadium or club?

Most clubs, especially smaller home-town clubs, offer fully guided tours around the back of the stadium, and in some cases, you can even arrange to meet the players, go on the pitch itself, or even be pitch-side during the warm-up before a game.