Any good business owner recognises the importance of social media. Its power can be seen in how a single viral post can make or break a brand.

The importance of a well-structured social media profile for a business looking to engage an audience becomes clear. This goal is shared by digital signage and social media, making them a natural fit.

You most likely already have media campaigns in place for these two distinct areas. It doesn't take much effort to combine the two unless your digital signage campaign is already built around social media. Here are some simple and unique ideas!

Unique Ideas To Combine Social Media With Digital Signage

  • Display Social Proof

When you think about it, word of mouth has been the most effective way of spreading news about anything since the dawn of communication. In fact, social proof has become quite valuable in today's world.

Brands are increasingly paying influencers with large or micro-targeted followings to provide a genuine opinion on a product or service. We won't get into the nitty-gritty of how genuine this is, but the point is that it works.

Social media has increased everyone's reach and ability to share what they like, appreciate, and recommend to others. A positive note from one of your customers has the same impact as a costly advertising campaign.

So get to work and begin collecting. Invite people to provide feedback and opinions on your social media profiles, and then use those as mini testimonials on your digital signage.

  • Include An Effective Call-to-Action Button

As you already know, engaging the right audience is critical, and digital signage is just the ideal way to go about it.

However, the message displayed on your digital signage should be precise and clear so that the audience understands what you are attempting to communicate.

As a result, as a great way to engage people to take a call-to-action, digital signage provides valuable feedback or positive responses.

Simply put, brands must provide customers with clarity about the message they have conveyed. So, if you use social media in your display, it must serve a specific purpose; otherwise, only customers or audiences will be able to respond.

  • Prioritize Gamification & Entertainment

These social media digital signages are placed in areas where users are likely to have some downtime. You can improve user engagement by incorporating entertainment and gamification features.

The process is simple, and you can display social content that is relevant to the users. It uses gamification strategies such as contests, giveaways, leaderboards, or vouchers, among other things, to attract and engage viewers.

It is a brilliant solution for increasing event engagement while also presenting your brand as fun and humanized in order to connect with users.

However, it is critical to install these digital signages in areas where users may have time to invest, otherwise it will be a waste of resources and effort.

  • Cast Instagram Walls

Instagram wall is simply collections of Instagram posts. This trend is beginning to accelerate and is expected to continue into 2022. 

Yes, you can use digital signage software to create your own social media feeds. It's very simple to create a loop of social media posts. However, Instagram walls are better designed and easier to set up and manage.

For example, with social media aggregator tools, you simply choose the sources for your social wall, which is then generated automatically based on your specifications and filters. 

Instagram walls are ideal for Instagram sources where the majority of the posts are images or videos. However, you can also use other sources.

  • Focus On Interactive Campaigns

The primary disadvantage of offline advertising was that it was not interactive for viewers, with one-way information dissemination. However, by using social signage, you can increase the interactivity of your campaigns.

A digital screen with interactive elements such as a touchscreen, face recognition, or artificial intelligence will increase user interest.

Interactivity can be added by allowing users to enter their social information, share their photos and videos, or simply interact with entertainment elements that can magnify the campaign's impact on the audience.

Interactivity with value propositions such as vouchers or gift codes by collecting or linking audiences' social media information can also yield positive results.

  • Run Industry Related News

A successful industry is one that keeps up with the latest trends, changes, and modifications in the industry.

Whether you work in hospitality, marketing, sales, food, clothing, fashion, travel, or another industry, it is critical to keep you and your team members up to date on industry trends, news, and country-specific updates for an effective corporate strategy.

What better way to display industry-related news that is also interesting, captivating, and comprehensive for everyone to read?

Wrapping Up

As a combination of social media and digital signage, social media digital signage will ensure maximum engagement, impactful campaigns, and conversions to boost revenue and brand growth.

Although these signages are not widely used in the marketing community, only a few brands use them to their advantage. There are numerous untapped opportunities for engaging campaigns and driving positive results with social media signage.

These unique ideas will help you achieve a lot of success by displaying social media content through digital signages.

Author Bio

Saurabh Sharma is a Digital Marketing Executive at Taggbox, a leading UGC platform. He has two years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.