New arrivals are exciting, and when you are purchasing gifts for a new baby, you can feel stuck about what to choose and why. New parents can often be overwhelmed with stacks of gifts that they will most likely never use. Giving a gift that will be useful for both parent and baby is, therefore, where you must focus your time and energy.


From the minute they arrive until the moment they are potty trained, babies will get through thousands of diapers. If you know which brand of diaper the parents want to use, then why not buy them a stockpile for the coming months? Purchasing diapers in a few progressive sizes means they will always have some to hand. It also adds a bit of convenience to their lives too, as it means there will be no last-minute grocery store trips.


A good supply of clothing for all ages is important to all new parents. A lot of people buying gifts often buy smaller sizes for a new addition. However, this size of clothing won't last long. The new parents will quickly find they have to go on a shopping spree after just a few months. To stop this from happening, you could look at buying rompers and even buying baby bloomers in a mixture of sizes for the new arrival. Creating a hamper of baby clothing and accessories will be a gift that new parents would not expect.

Changing Accessories

Until potty training starts, changing times can be costly as it is not just diapers that need purchasing. Changing accessories such as wipes and nappy rash cream may not seem like gift ideas at first. However, when you think about how many changes a baby will have each day over the next few years, you will soon see how costs mount. Find out what wipes and nappy rash cream the parent/s will use, and then either purchase these items in bulk or purchase them a subscription to ensure they never run out.


Blankets and burp cloths/squares are nice little gifts for a new baby, and they are always very useful too. Blankets and cloths quickly get dirty or soiled with newborn babies. The last thing parents want to be doing is laundry several times a day to ensure a fresh supply is available. Purchase a stack of blankets, so they always have them to hand. Or, have a go at knitting or making them yourself if you are feeling crafty!

Items for the Nursery

Whether the new baby has their own nursery (or a designated space in their parent's bedroom), it is always nice to purchase little keepsakes. Items that parents can look at (and the baby in question, too, as they grow up) are always nice. For example, wall hangings that feature birthday details can add a homely touch to any space. Footprint or handprint kits can also allow parents to capture those tiny fingers and toes before they start growing, which will happen at quite a rapid pace.