It is 2023, a brand new year, which means for some people, some brand new changes will be in the works already or are planned to happen in the future.

The kitchen is a space where many people like to switch things up a bit, and it is hardly a surprise with all of the new gadgets and styles that come out regularly. So, if this is the space you are looking at making some additions to this year, then this is the piece for you.

It is going to take a look at some useful kitchen additions that you can get your hands on so you can enjoy the upgrade.

Let’s get into it.

An Air Fryer

Plenty of people will have heard about air fryers and people’s claim of their life-changing experience with them, and for many, this is no exaggeration. After a long day at work, it can be hard to want to cook a full nutritious dinner, especially if you are starving and a couple of bags of crisps are just staring at you. Because of this, an air fryer could just be a saving grace. It can cook many family favourites in under 10-20 minutes, with minimal faffing around and extreme use of various pots and pans. A kitchen dream.

A Water Heater

If you are someone who loves their cups of tea throughout the day, then filling up the kettle, boiling, and re-boiling can feel like a bit of a chore. Not to mention that if you need to soak a pan or need instant hot water for cleaning, it can take a while for everything to warm up through a traditional tap.

However, water heaters are available and can solve this very problem. You can have instantly boiled water, so you can make hot drinks as soon as you want them, or you can get that bucket of hot soapy water right when you need it. Just make sure to do your research to find out which water heater is the best option for you.  

A Smart Thermometer

Whether you have decided you are going to have many more roasts this year, or you are getting into baking as a new year’s resolution, having a smart thermometer on hand is never a bad idea. Take the guessing out of the guesswork by having a thermometer that can tell you the exact temperature of food and deliver notifications straight to your phone to tell you when your food is estimated to be ready. This is particularly useful if you are partial to sitting down and having a glass of wine while your meal cooks.

High-Quality Knives

If you have ever tried to chop up an onion or an apple with a blunt, low-quality knife, then you will know how unenjoyable and difficult it is. Quality knives can transform the whole cooking process and help you cut and chop your food much more easily and precisely. This is an essential update for your kitchen.