A popular tool for adding objects to animations and moving photos is known as Adobe After Effects. To raise the production value of animations and video projects, designers use it to create titles, intros, and transitions between video pieces.

Creating such high quality videos inside of Adobe After Effects can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially if you’re a beginner. When most users purchase their After Effects Subscription for the first time, they would usually resort to YouTube to find a tutorial on how to use the software. While tutorials are a great starting point, there are many other ways to expand your skills once you’ve mastered the basics of After Effects.

One of the most popular methods of creating high quality videos is by using templates and pre-made projects. By using templates which are designed by more experienced motion designers, you’re giving yourself a headstart for your video production.

What are After Effects Templates?

A pre-made video/animation project file with design features that you can edit and include into larger projects is known as an After Effects template. The greatest templates are frequently created by qualified designers, and they may assist launch projects for users who are less used to the tool or who want a workflow time-saver. 

What types of templates are available?

There are many different types of templates which are made to achieve different results. Some templates provide the resources to achieve a single effect or visual idea, while others provide a wireframe for a full-length project. There are plenty of After Effects template websites out there. On these sites, you can find templates for titles, openers, slideshows and many more!

Where do I find After Effects templates?

There are thousands of sources for finding high-quality After Effects templates in 2022! Youtube is one of our favorites, with 1000s of creators sharing their resources for free. Another great source for finding free After Effects Templates & Plugins is FreeVisuals. On their site, you’ll be able to browse through 100s of templates for almost any type of video.

Popular After Effects Templates

You can find thousands of After Effects Templates online. Here are some of our favorite styles.


There is a stylish After Effects template called Meta Design Intro. It combines a fantastic array of effects to unveil and improve your material. Three text placeholders and one logo placeholder are present. The custom controller may be used to provide some intriguing outcomes. Your presentations, slide shows, TV shows, commercials, advertising, promos, and event films should all have a dazzling opening. With this vibrant and dynamically animated AE template, wow your audience. No plugins are necessary.

Text animation packs

Three alternative aspect ratios are included in the expertly produced and animated After Effects template called Typography. Simply modify the text and press render to utilize them. They may be utilized in slideshows, TV shows, ads, promos, and films for forthcoming events. This rapidly moving and bold-looking AE template will dazzle your viewers. No plugins are necessary.

Transition Preset Bundles

The After Effects template known as ‘25 Extreme Transitions’ is action-packed and vigorously animated. You may utilize 25 of the most stylish and imaginatively animated transitioning effects in your films. Drag and drop them into the timeline, align your media, then press render to utilize them. With the help of this fantastic AE template, dazzle your audience. No plugins are necessary.

Opener/Intro Sequences

A gorgeous After Effects template, Minimal Openers feature a chic style, easy text animations, and seamless transitional effects. With 18 image/video placeholders, 13 editable text layers, and 1 logo placeholder, these templates are really simple to use. a succinct opening to your company presentations, slide shows, marketing, and films for forthcoming events. This attractive and dynamically animated AE template will dazzle your viewers. No plugins are necessary.

Lower Thirds AKA L3s

You can find a collection of stylish bottom thirds including 3D effects and glassy, hazy color gradient aesthetics. Six titles with distinctive designs and flawlessly animated content are available for download on many different sites. Just like the other templates featured on this list, the colors may be customized to meet your particular project.

You should now have a more thorough understanding on what After Effects templates are and hope they can benefit your production.When used properly, templates can make your videos look much better when compared how they looked before.