We are told – a lot – that losing weight is a positive thing to do, and we understand the main reason is that it’s good for our overall health. When we aren’t overweight, we have less chance of developing conditions such as heart disease and type II diabetes, for example. It can even have an effect on your mental health; if you don’t like how you look or you know you can’t do certain things because of your weight, you’re going to feel upset and possibly depressed. Yet there are even more reasons for losing weight than the ones we’ve just mentioned, and you might be surprised to learn about some of them. Read on to find out more.

Improved Chance of Conceiving

Being overweight can cause issues with your fertility, and losing weight might be the only thing you need to do if you are currently having problems conceiving. Of course, there are other factors that might be at play, and it’s wise to seek advice from a doctor to see if there are other reasons you need to think about and carry out a fertility test for women. However, assuming this is not the case, losing weight could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Plus, being slimmer makes pregnancy easier, and you and your baby will be much healthier.

More Energy

One of the reasons people find it hard to lose weight is that they don’t have a lot of energy. They feel tired and lethargic, so they don’t want to go to the gym or work out – they might not even want to go for a walk, which is an excellent form of exercise. Ironically, however, it might be the extra weight you are carrying that is making you feel like this. When you start to lose weight, you’ll have more energy so you can do more exercise, and that will help you lose even more weight, and so it continues. Getting started is the hardest part, but once you do, you’ll be motivated to keep going, and you’ll have the energy to do so.

Better Memory

Would having a better memory help you in your life? It’s highly likely it would. From remembering appointments to being more productive at work, as well as being able to remember details about wonderful things we did in the past (and having these memories is good for our mental health), a better memory is certainly a positive thing.

Strangely, studies have shown that losing weight is good for memory, and as you get to a healthy weight, the brain can actually store more. Although the correlation between weight loss and memory hasn’t yet been determined, the evidence is there to show it exists.

You’ll Sleep Better

Getting enough sleep is crucial, and getting enough good sleep is even more important. If you are overweight, however, this can be hard. Those who are overweight find it difficult to sleep well due to the extra pressure on their lungs; breathing can be hard through the night. Plus, it can be harder to get comfortable in bed when you are overweight.

By sensibly and healthily losing weight, you can start to sleep much better. When you do that, you’ll feel more alert and energized, you’ll be healthier, and your mood will also improve.