Flowers are incredible. They liven up the interior with color, texture, visual interest, and joy.

Take the most sterile space, add flowers and… Voilà! It's instantly transformed.

Flower power is real.

This means that no matter what theme or style you choose for your wedding, including flowers is a must.

If you're unsure which type of blooms to use, fear not. This comprehensive guide showcases the ideal flowers to incorporate into a wedding, and some additional steps you can take to ensure you're getting the most out of your blooms.

The Best Flowers for a Wedding

Keep in mind that some of the blooms listed here are seasonal. Depending on the region in which you're celebrating, you may be limited to what's available.


Ah, roses. An obvious choice. They're synonymous with love, and their sweet scent and soft velvety petals are simply luxurious.

Roses come in many colors, and look gorgeous when paired with greenery and wispy baby's breath.

Calla Lilies

These perennials are stunning in their simplicity. Their fluted shape looks right at home with a modern minimal aesthetic. Commonly white, these beauties look incredible displayed on their own, or showcased as a centerpiece in a bouquet.


These beautiful full bloomed flowers come in white and soft pastel shades. They're durable, and their full-bodied size makes them ideal for those hoping to get more flowers for less. 


Similar to roses, peonies provide a romantic layer to any bouquet. They come in a wide-variety of colors including pinks, white, and yellows.


These intoxicatingly fragrant white flowers grow on tender evergreen shrubs. They love hot climates, and grow abundantly in the South. For those looking for an outdoor venue where flowers are naturally occurring, a venue with gardenias is a must.


These flowers are not only beautiful, they also signify deep and true love. Thus, it's only natural they're included in this list. They come in an abundance of colors and are affordable, too. What's not to love?


Dahlia blooms are big, fun, and bright. They're the perfect way to incorporate whimsy or pops of color into your big day.


These beautiful and delicate flowers come in pinks, purples, icy blues, lilacs and white. They are gorgeous additions to any bouquet, and add that soft romantic charm that's synonymous with flowers.


Incredibly fragrant, these purple flowers are perfect for a wedding. They're an excellent flower to use if you need a little height into a bouquet arrangement, but also are gorgeous on their own.


Pretty flowers with ruffled petals, these flowers are versatile, come in many different colors, and are budget friendly. Because they're so hardy, there's a lot you can do with carnations. Use them to bulk up a bouquet, or weave them together to create a flower wall.

Maximizing Your Wedding Flowers

Now that you know the best type of flowers for weddings, let's take a quick moment to look at ways to get the most out of your flowers.

Color Combinations

The best way to make your flowers truly stand out is through contrast: think light-colored flowers against a dark rich background.

Picture your bridesmaids each clutching bouquets of white roses, yellow calla lilies, interspersed with sprigs of eucalyptus and baby's breath. How incredible does that look when paired with a burnt orange or a deep indigo bridesmaid dress?

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Make a Statement

The way you choose to arrange your flowers has an incredible impact. If your wedding theme is modern and minimal, rather than have a bunch of blooms spilling from a vase as is customary with a rustic theme, why not have a tall yet statuesque display?

Suspending the floral arrangements from above, or stringing them together to create a chain is another fun way to show them off. 

Choose Flower Alternatives

If you're worried about your flowers wilting, or if it's hard to get fresh flowers where you're tying the knot, consider flower alternatives. A budget-friendly solution is to rent gorgeous silk flowers that are so beautiful and life-like, no one will be able to tell the difference.

Another idea for the crafty type is to make flowers out of paper.

If you don't have a lot to spend on flowers, you can always incorporate greenery and lower cost blossoms into the bunch.


Flowers have immense transformational power. They're the key to uplifting any space, filling it with life and bringing joy to everyone around. Ultimately, if you have flowers on your wedding day, you can't go wrong.