1. Definition of technology

Technology is the use of modern science to develop devices and applications that improve human life. There are many types of technology that work to improve the quality of life.

2. Types of technology

2.1 Science Technology

Science is the basis of all other technologies. All machines and all kinds of technology operate on the principles of science. Science changed the way people live, and the field of science relies on research and continuous research guarantees a bright future for humans because of science, science has enabled the emergence of health care, commercial products, and environmental protection.

2.2 Energy technology

This type of technology deals with renewable and non-renewable energy technologies such as hydropower, nuclear energy, bio-energy, wind energy, hydropower, solar energy, solar energy, fuel energy, thermal and chemical energy.

2.3 Medical technology

This is the most efficient and helpful type of technology. It helps improving human life. Medical technology is a vast domain in which innovation has an important role in maintaining human health; indeed, it helps reducing pain and accelerate the healing process. Developed countries accustomed to this technology in their health systems. And the developing countries also are investing in medical technology to improve their populations' health.

2.4 Industrial Technology

Industrial technology is a section of technology that deals with the use of industrial technologies to make the production process faster, simpler, efficient, and profitable, and industrial technology applications range from the production of small screws to the manufacture of heavy machinery.

2.5 Network technology

People today use the Internet to browse websites to search for a specific thing. But have you ever asked yourself how you can browse websites with ease? The truth is that this is due to the existence of network technology, and this type of technology allows you to send data between many different systems.

2.6 Communication technology

Communication technology is all the modern technical mechanisms used in cellular and non-cellular communications, mass media, smart entities regulation, audiovisual therapeutic behaviors, network management, and control regulation. Although communications technology refers to having the same meaning of technology information, communications technology remains of a much broader scope.

2.7 Transport technology

This type of technology involves machines and tools used to solve the problem of transporting people and goods. Transportation technology has evolved from horse carriages to cars, bicycles, trains, trucks, buses, ships, planes, and missiles. Now, we have roads, railroad tracks, bridges, tunnels, airports, and ports. All this is made possible by transportation technology, and the future of this technology is also bright.

2.8 Agriculture technology

Agriculture is an integral part of human life since ancient times. In ancient times, people used to do everything from plowing and sowing to harvesting on their own.

But over time, farming methods have also evolved, and nowadays, agricultural operations work differently due to the introduction of technologies such as sensors, machines, devices, and information technologies. These technologies allow companies to become more profitable and effective.

2.9 Artificial Intelligence technology

The concept behind this type of technology is to make computers, machines, or programs think the same way a human does. Artificial intelligence uses the ways in which the human mind thinks, acts, learns, and makes decisions, and various fields of education and sciences such as psychology, biology, physics, computer science, linguistics, engineering, and mathematics contribute to improving this type of technology.

2.10 Space technology

Space technology is a minor part of space science or the space industry. It is used in spaceflight, space exploration, and satellites. This highly advanced technology consists of space stations, satellites, equipment, procedures, and support infrastructure. Space technology is an integral part of human life and is used in different fields such as remote sensing, weather forecasting, satellite broadcasting, and GPS systems.

2.11 Assistive technology

This type of technology is for persons with disabilities. All equipment, devices, or programs used to enhance the functional capabilities of the disabled are provided by assistive technology. This technology helps people who have problems speaking, writing, remembering, seeing, hearing, orientation, walking, learning, etc.

2.12 Entertainment technology

Entertainment technology deals with manufacturing or producing something to entertain. Entertainment industry is vast, and there are hundreds of entertainment styles. Technology plays an important role in enhancing the experience. Take the example of producing a movie. Several techniques are for recording, authoring, and photographing clips.

2.13 Architecture technology

Architecture technology deals with the applications of building design, building science, and various technical issues related to it. Architecture engineering consists of many industries such as the materials industry, building engineering, construction, and real estate.