Being a positive person is a mindset and a lifestyle. It's something in life you have to choose. In life, there comes ups and downs, and sometimes, the last thing we want is to be positive. We will start this by saying it's healthy to feel sadness, anger, frustration, etc. It's also okay to want to feel those emotions because we're all human, and feeling upset can actually help release and eliminate negativity.

Take every hour as it comes and do what you are supposed to do and complete what you're supposed to complete. Stop overthinking or trying to predict and plan things too far. Live the moment and do your best.

Below 15 ways to help you to live a positive life every day, try to work on and apply them to your life not all at once or all in one day. Sometimes you get bad days where things don't work out the way you want them to. And sometimes you are too tired or just don't have that positive attitude, and that's okay because not every day will be perfect. The point and our main focus are to have more positive and happy days than negative ones.

1. Surround yourself with positive people

Try your best to walk away from negative people in your life, who don't want to see you succeed or be happy, who doesn't inspire you to go out there and make your dreams come true. Connect with your friends and family who are always there for you; to listen to you and not judge you, who will give you their honest opinion and who will help you to believe in yourself and push you to achieve your goals. Stay connected to those positive people who you feel content, yourself, and secure with. This will help you living a positive life.

Negative people will always want others to be negative and have negative feelings as well. And the moment that you realize that this kind of people does not deserve your love and time, you will feel better, and you will start to think positively and living a positive life.

2. Be comfortable in your skin

Think about the good sides of yourself. Your skin, hair, wittiness, how articulate you are, being a nice person that you are good at math, whatever it is. You're obviously humble; that's a start.

It’s hard to be conscious of our gifts, sometimes if you don't have people around you watching from the outside and saying, "Hey, that's not something everyone has." When it's the inside looking out, try and think of your good points that you've noticed occasionally even if you start with one or two.

Feeling not comfortable is like a happiness killer because if you don't feel comfortable as you are, this becomes your biggest concern; it will kill your self-esteem, self-confidence, and your happiness. You must be happy with yourself, and accept yourself as you are.

Get rid of people who keep making judgments about yourself, prove to yourself, and to them that you have many abilities and qualities in many ways. Be connected to people who value the same things as you do and leave those people with negative thinking and negative attitude.

3. Don't compare yourself to others

This one is big, isn't it? We all have struggled with this before, and this is not a joke, STOP, stop comparing yourself to others, to your friend, to other mothers, to your cousin, whoever it is that you're comparing yourself to. STOP right now! That’s unhealthy, this will break you down, and you will never feel complete or happy.

Instead, stay positive with positive thoughts, be grateful and work on yourself, try to find other ways that will help you to stop this vicious cycle and try to focus just on yourself, on your life, know that you are doing a great job, and you will be fine. Not everyone will have the same success, same career, same house. As far as you are happy, you feel complete; you're working on reaching your objectives, you are doing things for you and your family. Therefore, you will be fine!

4. Practice positivity

Keep a positive attitude, choose some positive activities into your life, change your mentality, try to see the world in a positive light; meditating, dancing, music all can bring joy to your day. Many ways can help to be more positive, such as listening to inspiring interviews, positive words, positive quotes, and positive people who are changing the world with their positive thought. 

5. See the positive in every situation

Sometimes you ‘ll find yourself in unlucky situations in life that are out of your control. You can choose to feel bad, annoyed, angry, or stressed about the situation or just focus and choose the positive aspect in that situation, let the bad things go, move forward, start again and feel happier.

Learn from your mistakes and bad experiences. Every bad situation teaches you something; take it as a lesson to be stronger and more equipped and ready to deal with things that face you in life.

6. Set goals

Having goals in mind and trying to realize them can make us more positive. When you feel unconfident, you’ll see the bad parts of life. Start from the beginning, change your attitude, and remind yourself of all the great things you can accomplish.

7. Challenge negative thoughts with positive ones

Negative thoughts are the base of negativity, and they seem hard to avoid. But negativity is all about mentality, and mentality is all about creating habits. When you have negative thinking, try to search for the bright side of the situation. Eventually, it will feel like second nature. 

8. Smile and laugh more

A scientific research suggests that smiling can make you happier and more optimistic. Laughing is an important therapy because if you don't smile or laugh, you will not feel happy and positive. Laughing makes everything better and will help you to achieve a positive life.

9. Make your home a positive place

Who can feel inspired by hospitals and a dirty kitchen? Try to create a positive environment by adding inspirational quotes that inspire you around your house. House with inspirations is like a friend who squeezes you tight and reminds you of what you really are and, therefore, help you to have a positive life.

10. Have more patience

Patience is such a great quality to have. Being patient keeps you from being mad, upset, or even anxious. It's incredible the mood you are in when you don’t have patience. Try your best to work on your level of patience and start living a positive life.

11. Work for happiness, encourage, and help others

Studies have proven that a lot of our happiness comes from making other people happy, and nothing is rewarding than giving back and helping others. You can help people by listening, giving advice on something, moreover, helping, and caring can be the smallest thing you do, and people will appreciate it. Therefore, building positive relationships and motivate people, we feel good about ourselves, and that builds confidence and leads to a positive perspective.

12. Have an open mind

Having a closed mind may hurt you more than you think because naturally we as humans, we don't like being disapproved, or feeling like we're wrong because it makes us feel rejected and unaccepted. If you are not open-minded, you'll keep your beliefs and ideas, and you will oppose others who think differently; then, you'll feel uncomfortable when people with different beliefs and ideas are presented in front of you.

Whereas with an open mind, you will not oppose the other different beliefs, and you would accept the difference, want to understand it better in a more positive way, and you will become adaptable in your approach. You wouldn't have to fight with yourself in accepting others. You’ll feel comfortable with differences and feel positive about change.

13. Live the moment

It's obvious why kids and couples on dates are happy; it's because they live in the moment. They live the happy moment they are in and enjoy everything that's happening in front of them; they don't think about what had passed or what's going to happen next; they just enjoy the moment they are in.

14. Avoid overanalyzing

It happened to a lot of us, overanalyzing things such as relationships, jobs, and finances….Overanalyzing or thinking a lot about something and go deeper, sometimes, it may give us comfort. Still, most of the time, we don't get answers, but a set of worries instead. To avoid overanalyzing, take things as they are and listen to your intuition to get positive results.

15. Get a pet

This may not suit everyone, but getting a dog may really help you; a dog may be a friend; the dog can feel your happiness and your sadness, and the fact that taking care of another being, is a great thing and lead to a psychological well-being.

Finally, we hope that these 15 simple ways to live a positive life, are helpful and useful. People can live a more happy and positive life if they make few changes in the way they do things.