Suppose you are hit by a car or motorbike. Think how traumatic, confusing, and shocking that would be. As we all know, there is no protection for pedestrians; on the roads of Atlanta, nearly 85% of the death risk is for pedestrians. Several factors lead to pedestrian accidents, but the main cause is usually the negligence of the drivers.

Many drivers generally disobey the road rules and traffic signals, and most drivers drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. So, it makes them uncontrollable, and they are used to driving at high speed on the main road; simultaneously, pedestrians are also distracted by mobile phones in the crosswalks. All the above factors will lead to the underlying cause of pedestrian accidents or death of the pedestrian. Generally, pedestrians mostly suffer from injuries such as head injuries, internal bleeding, organ damage, and multiple fractures.

It is important to look for the best pedestrian accident attorneys following an accident since a lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your losses. You can recover various losses by filing a claim. However, claiming compensation is not an easy task, which is why you need the help of a good pedestrian accident lawyer.

Let’s have a look below at what kind of damages you can recover from the pedestrian accident case:

Initially, pedestrian accident victims should have to know about recoverable damages. If you file a pedestrian injury case, you will receive compensation for the recoverable damages. The recoverable damages are the money the person who caused the pedestrian accident should have to pay to the injured pedestrian. There are various types of damages that you can easily recover after a pedestrian accident. Mostly, pedestrians suffer from economic damages (Monetary losses), while some struggle with their poor health conditions (disability), which are caused by accidents. It is known as non-economic damage.

Economic damages, Which Pedestrians Can Recover

Pedestrian accident victims can able to recover the highest value of economic damages. After the accident and injuries, the pedestrian victim suffers from these actual monetary losses.

Here are the economic damages which you can recover after being injuries in a pedestrian accident, inclusive,

Medical Expenses: After the pedestrian accident, the pedestrian victim needs to admit to the hospital, checked with the doctor, a scan and x-rays, and also surgery. Moreover, the pedestrian can include the medical supplies and medications you need to buy to treat your injuries. You will receive monetary compensation from the faulty driver for all these medical expenses.

Future Medical Expenses: Mostly, the pedestrian victim suffers from severe injuries that are never cured. The fault driver should have to pay for the medications, future surgeries, and future medical bills. Pedestrian victims can also claim physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Property Damage: At the accident time, whether you are holding a valuable mobile phone, costlier things, or a purse that gets damaged can be recovered in the claim.

Lost Income: Pedestrian victims cannot work in the accident recovery process. The pedestrian victims can recover the income they may lose after the accident. Pedestrians can include loss if they miss one working day.

Lost Future Income: Due to the injuries, suppose the pedestrian victim cannot return to work longer. The pedestrian victims can recover compensation for future lost income. Moreover, they can also include the monthly salary, commissions, and hourly wages. It also covers the lost benefits and diminished earning capacity, such as retirement, dental, and medical benefits.

Non-Economic Damages, Which Pedestrian Can Recover

After the accident, the pedestrian suffers from emotional and physical problems.

Here are the non-economic damages that pedestrians can get compensation as follows:

Suffering and Pain: Non-economic damages include the suffering and physical pain a victim goes through after an accident. Pedestrians will get compensation after the accident immediately. The suffering and pain include discomfort, anguish, and any pain and inconvenience you may feel because of the accident injuries.

Emotional Distress: After the major accident happened to the pedestrian, the pedestrian was highly affected psychologically. Whether the pedestrian victim had a negative emotional response to the accident, such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety.

Loss of Enjoyment: After the severe accident, the pedestrian victim could not participate and spend in the desired hobbies and activities. So, the pedestrian can recover the appropriate compensation in terms of the enjoyment lost.

To claim recoverable economic and non-economic damages, as a pedestrian accident victim, you must consult an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. The best pedestrian accident lawyer helps you file a lawsuit and claim the right compensation.