Confidence can seem almost entirely elusive at times while still being something that everyone else around you has access to. This isn't true, of course, but it's how it can often feel. Suggestions of simply acting confident to become confident can often feel unnatural and forced. While this route can ultimately become confidence itself, it's hard to get started, and sometimes you need to find a more self-convincing source.

Working out what confidence means to you should also mean understanding its shape and where it comes from. You should focus on what you want the outcomes to be to understand the areas where you might need to build your confidence.

Physical Insecurities

For many people, the cause of their lack of confidence might be a physical attribute that they feel self-conscious about. While some might have solutions you can work towards, others might not seem so readily apparent. For example, if you are feeling insecure about the fact that you have to wear glasses, a common recommendation might be to opt for contact lenses. However, if you aren't comfortable with the lifestyle shift that this leads to, or perhaps are looking for a more permanent solution, you might be more interested in the SMILE surgery Adelaide clinics can offer you. It's a solution that might not immediately spring to mind, but doing some digging can reveal answers you might be happier with.

Addressing Anxieties

Obviously, not all insecurities and anxieties have such a direct cause. A lot of the time, what makes people uncomfortable is something unseen, unexplainable, and deeply internal. For those who struggle with physical appearance or ability, this might seem preferable. However, it can be just as distressing, and not knowing how to fix the issue can add to that.

While talking therapies and mental health services are always worth investigating, it's also important to evaluate smaller ways in which you could lead a more mentally healthy life. Techniques like mindfulness, for example, might allow you to draw your attention away from your anxieties and back to the present, which might build the confidence you're looking for. You should also look into tips to talk gently and positively to yourself and to stop negative and circling thoughts.

Your Life Direction

Your confidence might not be something that stems from how you perceive yourself in those ways; it might instead correlate with how you feel about your trajectory. If you feel as though you're stuck on a path that you're unhappy with, or if you're yet to discover what truly makes you happy, it's natural that you wouldn't feel comfortable.

Your life doesn't have to look a certain way just because you feel like it does. While your career is the one you've spent time building up, it doesn't mean you can't change if you realize you're passionate about something else. Equally, this applies to where you live, and seeking out a new destination to live closer to friends, family members, or loved ones might give you the social support you need to feel a greater sense of confidence.