Remediation is defined as the process of improving or remedying a problem, for example, oil remediation is the clean up of oil after an oil spill. Mould remediation specifically is the process of eliminating mould from a property.

ICE Cleaning's mould specialists offer fast, effective mould cleaning services that can remove all traces of it from your property, including from hard surfaces and the air. They are Dewpoint-accredited cleaners that are available nationwide, round the clock, 365 days a year.

Keep reading to find out what mould remediation consists of and how it differs from mould removal.

What are the differences between mould removal and mould remediation?

Mould removal is the process of getting rid of the mould in your home. It does not determine or deal with the cause of the mould so it will probably return soon after removal.

Mould remediation, on the other hand, includes the removal of the mould as well as an assessment of what is causing the issue, and preventative advice.

Removal is also usually attempted by the homeowner themselves. Many people use household products, like vinegar and alcohol, or mould removers to tackle the visible spores, but these usually are not that effective. Any left behind can continue to grow and spread.

Alternatively, remediation is a longer, more complex process carried out by trained professionals. They will give you peace of mind that all the mould is removed for good, including mould growing in hidden or difficult-to-reach areas.

It is recommended you bring in professionals for mould remediation as soon you spot mould in your property. They can ensure it is safe and clean again, and save you spending on mould removal products that may not work.

What is the process of mould remediation?

The remediation procedure will vary depending on each specialist cleaning company, but the procedure usually consists of the following stages:

1. The property is inspected and surveyed to identify where mould is growing and what is causing it.

2. The affected area is contained to stop mould spores spreading around your home during the remediation process.

3. The mould is removed using specialist products and tools. Possessions or property that mould can't be removed from, like some porous materials, will be disposed of.

4. The affected areas and items are deep cleaned, and lingering mould odours neutralised.

5. The mould specialists advise on how to prevent it returning in the future.

On top of this, ICE Cleaning's technicians will also provide a moisture survey, test the mould growing in your home, and give you a final report containing its recommendations. Every mould removal service comes with a lifetime guarantee*, too, so you can be sure your home will stay mould-free.

Its technicians are available nationwide, 24/7, 365 days a year and can be on site in several hours in an emergency.

You can find out more about ICE Cleaning's range of specialist cleaning services on its website.