Today, guest posts are increasingly used for good reason.

First, what is a guest post? It is the fact of posting on the blog of a company as an external speaker, it is a contribution to another blog.

What is a guest post?

It is a post written by a person outside of their usual blog, usually to publicize their site or create backlinking for Google, it never hurts. This will also allow the blog owner to increase their up-to-date content and try to place themselves on new keywords.

How to start making Guest posts and above all, from when? To answer at the end, when should you start? Now of course!

We don't care whether or not you are new to online marketing and the world of the blogsphere. If you want your new business to work on the Internet, you're going to have to get into the Guest Post. It is still much easier to get started in the Guest Post when you have a base of people who follow you and who like what you write. We would even say that it is essential… Creating links remains the best technique.

What articles for guest?

To create a quality guest post, there are rules to follow:

Type of article

The type and format of the guest article must correspond to what is done on the partner blog. Including external links in a natural and moderate way also has value;

Writing style

The tone of the content must adapt to the style generally developed by the partner blog. Opting for a tone that is too offbeat risks pushing the site likely to host the article to refuse it. In terms of editorial quality, the same requirements should be maintained as if the post were published on the publisher's site;

Choice of subject

A guest article is not a promotional page. A theme that will interest the partner's audience and position you as an expert will be appreciated.

Guest posting is a considerable asset for expanding an audience and obtaining quality backlinks. Ultimately, the choice of partner blogs remains the key element for the guest blogging strategy to effectively improve the SEO of your site.

The Guest Post, an exchange of good practices

By contributing to other people's blogs, you inspire them to do the same for you. An external guest post can enrich your company's site. It's a chance, and it gives even more interest to your blog. Indeed, it brings another perspective and expertise different from yours. It is complementary to what you offer.

Do your best to associate yourself with quality blogs. Look at the number of fans, the frequency of comments, the value of posts…

Choose those that are related to your field of activity. Your guest post must have consistency. Thus, you will maximize your chances of attracting readers, since they have an interest in the blog in question.

Have you found a quality partner? So, make sure to sustain this partnership over the long term. Do not hesitate to introduce a “mechanics”. Propose guest posts, in exchange for contributions to your blog from the partner’s part, at regular intervals.

The advantages of the guest post for the guest blogger

For the guest editor, the guest post allows him to build his main notoriety on the blogosphere or on the web in general. It is in a way a personal branding that will influence his image, but also on his personal blog.

Through the authorized links, the guest blogger can advertise his own site or blog (if it is not yet well known). He can recover direct traffic to his personal site. Thus, these authorized links (backlinks) can also contribute to its natural referencing if the guest post is going to be published in a site or a blog already considered relevant by Google.

The advantages of the guest post for the blog editor

For the blog editor or the host of the publication, the guest post allows him to obtain and enrich the content of his site/blog. This is a real time saver, especially if he cannot update his content regularly. It is also a way to diversify publications and build a database of quality articles.

If the guest post is of quality, the blog editor can generate direct audience or traffic through authorized links. This also contributes to the natural referencing of the host site.

The challenges of the guest post

If the guest blogger most often has great freedom in the choice of article, keywords or links, the stakes for the host site are still high.

The host blog must check the quality and relevance of the content of the guest post because this can harm its natural referencing. It can also create editorial inconsistency.

On the other hand, guest blogging can be penalized by Google's algorithms if it is the only editorial strategy used by a site.