Chicken should be eaten sufficiently cooked. It then has a uniform texture, the interior is no longer pink, and the juices are clear. The most certain way is to know the right temp for cooked chicken. Find out the cooking guides for the duration and the ideal temperature.The best way to make sure of the temp for cooked chicken is to use a thermometer.The thermometer is an essential tool to check precisely if the degree of doneness is reached and that the meat is healthy, ready to be eaten. Whole chicken must reach an internal temperature of 85⁰ C (185⁰ F). As for the chicken pieces, you should aim for 74⁰ C (165⁰ F).

1. Temp for cooked chicken in the oven

2. Temp for cooked chicken, BBQ cooking

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3. Temp for cooked chicken; in a frying pan