Dubai is one of the most famous cities in the world for tourism, and it falls in the 25 most visited cities in the world. One of the biggest reasons this city can attract too many visitors is because of its beauty, luxury, and of course, the safety index. According to the latest report of SCI (Safe Cities Index), Dubai has got an SCI of 83, making it one of the most secure cities in the world.

But how did Dubai manage to take this place as one world's most secure cities? Below we've done a complete analysis of the reasons that are making it one of the Dubai most secure cities in the world:

Strict Laws

Dubai is a Muslim city. Their local government follows the rules set by their religion, which are strict. This makes the law of Dubai conservative, closed, and strict because of their Islamic religion. Their local laws are stringent, e.g., you can't drink alcohol, can't do the sex with the opposite gender unless your spouse is married, there are strict punishments for theft and pickpocketing, you can't speak loudly in a public place, and you have to obey road rules.

Uncompromising Police

There's no wonder the Dubai police is one of the most honest and active police globally. This policy has got 0.2% of the total corruption percentage, which means only two out of 1000 officers are corrupt.

Dubai police officers don't ever take any bribes and don't care if you're their neighbor, parents, or stranger. They are 100% honest and follow the rules. Not just honest, the Dubai police is very active as well. They only take about 3-5 minutes to reach your emergency spot after calling on 996.

If someone performs the crime, the police take strict action against the suspect without compromising anything with him, which plays a vital role in the latest SCI score of Dubai.

Longer Sentences

If a suspect gets sentenced to prison in Dubai, they should forget their family, freedom, and livelihood for at least a decade. The laws of Dubai are so strict that they never compromise on prisoners' sentences.

Even a tiny bank lease fraud can put you in prison for about 15 years, so think about the sentence of willful murder, pickpocketing, or gunpoint theft crime. Additionally, unlike any other country, Dubai doesn't compensate the sentence in any case, appeal or behavior. If the suspect has got the sentence, he'll have to complete his sentence no matter what happens.

High Number of Expats

Dubai has one of the highest numbers of expats %. About 87% of the population in Dubai are expats, and only 13% of the population are native Arabians of Dubai. These expats can be tourists or people here on a work visa to earn money for their families. And work visa people or tourists are never poor or beggars. The rest of the 12% of Arabians are already wealthy billionaires or at least millionaires.

Therefore, it's clear that 100% of the population in Dubai isn't poor. So why does an economically stable person commit a crime unless he wants to go to Dubai jail? Additionally, which tourist wants to end their Dubai tour in the Dubai prison? That's why no one dares to commit even a minor crime.

High Tech Technology of Dubai Police

Dubai police is one of the first departments to use high-tech technologies to fight crime. It is using the latest technology to reduce the crime rate in Dubai.

Here are some of the high tech technologies that the Dubai police has at its disposal:

Smart Robots

The intelligent robots are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, cameras, microphones, and facial recognition software to monitor crowded areas such as malls, airports, and stadiums. They can also detect suspicious activities or unattended luggage quickly and alert the nearest police patrol team if needed.

CCTV cameras

Dubai Police have installed over 200,000 CCTV cameras across Dubai and its suburbs for surveillance purposes. These cameras are connected to a central control room where officers monitor live feeds for 24 hours.

Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanners are used at all public buildings' entry points, including malls, airports, etc. It helps authorities confirm whether someone is allowed inside or not before letting them in or stopping them from entering the premises altogether.

3D printers

Investigators use these printers to create replicas of stolen items such as jewelry, mobile phones, etc. They can match them with recovered items later on if they're found by someone else.

GPS in Patrol Cars

The new patrol cars have an automatic license plate recognition system and a GPS tracker that allows Dubai Police to track the vehicle's location in real-time. The vehicles also come equipped with a mobile WiFi hotspot and mobile charging points so officers can stay charged while they're on duty.

Low Inflation

Dubai's low crime rate is due to the city's low inflation rate. In April 2022, inflation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was 1.4 percent, down from 1.8 percent in March 2021 and 2.9 percent a year ago. And according to many financial departments, the salary in Dubai has increased by about 56% from 2018 to 2022.

According to this statistic, inflation is getting lower every year for the people who work in Dubai. So why does someone commit a crime if they're already experiencing an ideal financial situation like Dubai?

High Literacy Rate

Dubai has got some of a highly educated population so that they don't commit a crime. The literacy rate in Dubai is over 90%, which is higher than many countries' literacy rates.

The country has got the least crime rate in the world. The people here are aware of their rights and duties and follow them strictly. Hence there is no need for any strict law enforcement system in Dubai as most people are law-abiding citizens. According to the latest report, the literacy rate in the UAE is about 97.6% which is the best rate for a developed, stable and safe nation.

Government Facilities for the Citizen

The Dubai government provides to the citizens of Dubai all the basic amenities to support them financially. That’s why no one in Dubai wants to commit a crime, because they don’t need to.

1. Housing

The government has provided houses to the people of Dubai in different sizes, shapes, and prices so that everyone can afford them.

2. Health

Almost all the government hospitals provide free medical to all the residences of Dubai.

3. Education

The government provides education from nursery to university level free of cost for all residents of UAE.

4. Transportation

Many buses, taxis, and metro trains are available for traveling within Dubai city or outside it at nominal charges. No one has to own a car unless he wants to use it as his transport vehicle.


All the above reasons are some of the insights that make Dubai one of the most secure cities in the world. With a total score of 83/100 in SCI, it falls among the 20 safest cities in the world. If you're thinking of travelling and exploring Dubai, remember to rent a car from for a better, convenient, and better deal on your transportation system in the Dubai tour.