Has a Hospital or Medical Facility Mistreated You? Here are the Questions You Ought to Ask Before You Hire the Nearest Lawyer

Medical issues are terrible, no matter what form they take. We can all agree that it is better not to suffer sickness or illness at all, never mind when that sickness or illness was not your fault. In the case of hospital malpractice, you need a lawyer that understands the stress and exhaustion of suffering at the hands of a hospital. You need someone with experience, drive, and determination, but how do you find that when you have never had to hire a lawyer before?

This article introduces you to things you ought to ask a hospital malpractice attorney before you agree to hire them. It’s important to take your time over the choice and not feel rushed into it. Here are our top tips on how to do just that.

Questions to Ask Your Hospital Malpractice Lawyer

The best way to hire a hospital malpractice attorney is to ask them the following questions before you hire them.

Q) How Many Clients Do You have?

An attorney with too many clients is one that can’t give you the time that you need. Similarly, a lawyer that has no clients is not likely to be any good. You want a hospital malpractice attorney that has between 8 and 20 clients. Any more than that and you won’t get the individual attention you deserve.

Q) Is it Worth it?

If you don’t have a solid case, most hospital malpractice attorneys won’t take it on. They want cases that they can win. Many lawyers are no win, no fee, so if they don’t win the case, they end up paying out the legal expenses. This should shed light on why they might not take either an unwinnable case, or one that doesn’t make them enough money to cover costs. Always ask your lawyer if they think you have a case and if it is worth it to pursue. The last thing you want is to go through the months of waiting for an outcome only for the pay out to be less than your costs.

Q) How Long Do I have to Make My Claim?

To protect medical professionals from historic cases, you have a time limit on how long you must file a case. In most states, this statute of limitations is two years from the moment that your injury occurs. If you do not file within that time, you cannot file. Your hospital malpractice attorney can advise you on your statute of limitations depending on your state or country.

Q) What is Your Experience of these Cases?

A hospital malpractice attorney that has more experience of cases just like yours, is more likely to win your case for you. This is a simple matter of mathematics. Opt for an attorney with experience for the best results.