You are planning a move and have asked yourself a reasonable question: where is it more profitable to turn to - to a trucking company or to a moving company? Today we will dwell in detail on the question of benefit. So, let's begin.

Task 1: Transportation of individual items

Let's say you need to take a couple of old chairs to the cottage or move a few boxes of things around the city. The volume transported is quite small, and there are no additional tasks such as assembling and disassembling furniture or packing property.

A couple of hours of work on a small car will be required to perform such a task. Perhaps you don't even need movers or one helper will suffice, and his qualifications don't matter.

In this case, turning to a mover company is not the best idea. Movers are highly qualified professionals who deal with complex moves. They are usually approached with more complex tasks. That's why moving companies have a minimum order: as a rule, it is not less than 4 hours of work of employees and from 5 hours - the car. For a small local transportation, so many resources will not be required, but you will have to pay for them. It's not profitable.

It is easier to use the services of a cargo cab. And if the help of movers is not required and you are ready to drive the car yourself, the most convenient option is cargo car sharing.

Task 2: A small move

You are going to move out of a rented one-room apartment. From furniture - a sofa and a chest of drawers, from large items - a refrigerator. Plus 10-15 boxes of clothes and other personal items.

Most likely, you will need a medium-sized car (you need to take into account not only the total body volume but also the height of the van - for example, refrigerators are transported strictly vertically). And a couple of helpers. The qualification requirements for the helpers, of course, depend on the conditions - will you need help packing dishes or dismantling a sofa, for example? The duration of the work depends on the distance of the move and several other factors. On average, it is 4-6 hours.

In general, to organize a small move, you can turn to a cargo cab, and your move will probably go without incident. However, whether it will be cheaper than the services of a moving company - it is impossible to say for sure.

Moving companies frequently do not assess the precise time of the relocation or the exact number of packing materials. It's another issue whether they don't know how to anticipate the amount of resources or don't assign themselves such a task. However, you will undoubtedly set a standard of "X dollars for the first 2-3 hours of labor, and then - as it turns out." And things may go differently... Work will be delayed or there may be unexpected surcharges for constructing and dismantling furniture, going down or up stairs, or even loading into the car - regrettably, this is not unusual.

But a reliable moving company like Queens movers will always offer you an accurate calculation - how much time it will take to move, how much it will cost. At the same time, all additional work is already included in the budget.

Task 3. Standard relocation

A family of four people moving into a new two-bedroom apartment. It is necessary to help with packing things, books, and dishes, dismantling cupboards and beds, and after the move to put furniture and appliances in their places, hang shelves, and remove used packaging.

To organize such a move you need a spacious car and a well-coordinated team of 4-6 specialists who have all the necessary tools and equipment. The work can last 8-10 hours.

There can be no doubt here - this is a task for a moving company. And it's not just about the quality of work, your comfort, and guarantees of property safety.

Firstly, a cargo cab is, in fact, a rental car. And additional options like the services of movers, packers, or riggers cost more because they are not specialized for such companies.

Secondly, movers can be entrusted with tasks of any complexity, and they are guaranteed to cope faster than untrained movers. And the longer the move - the more expensive it is.

Thirdly, trucking companies rarely carry out large full-fledged moves. No experience, no skill - no adequate costing. The manager of a cargo cab, most likely, simply does not have the necessary information to plan your move and give a price guide.