Getting to grips with a landscaping project can be particularly daunting if you are not a keen gardener or know that much about it. However, it is always handy to know that you can fall back on the knowledge of experts to either perform the planting on your behalf - or to educate you on which plants to choose and how to care for them.

You will quickly find that landscaping is not just about planting; there are numerous additions that you can make to your project, about which you will be able to make informed decisions and ensure that the project ends up looking exactly as you envisaged.

#1 Outdoor artwork

For instance, installing outdoor artwork in the form of sculptures or decorative screens is likely to provide a much-needed focal point or an attractive privacy area. For instance, a modern or traditional statue can be placed within a flowerbed or as the center attraction on a lawn or paved area. A decorative screen can be hung on a wall as a single panel or used with others to increase intrigue or hide less than pleasant but entirely necessary areas of your garden, such as compost heaps or bins.

#2 Pool with lounging area

You may wish to incorporate an outdoor pool into your landscaping design because you are a keen swimmer or because you just like the aspiration it provides amongst your friends and family members. Of course, you need to assess whether your garden is large enough to incorporate this, as having a pool garden is neither aspirational nor practical.

Of course, for the best and most prestigious look, you need to call in the experts rather than try to do this work yourself. This is because they will ensure that your pool is finished to a high standard and equipped with all the best tech, which they can get from a wholesale pool supply company that is not available to the general public.

#3 Planting that provides all-year-round color

As touched on briefly, you will be able to hire the help of experts to help you with your planting choices, but you will need to ensure that they understand your ideas and requirements to achieve the look you want. For instance, it is unlikely that you are going to want your garden to look barren and without color or plants for long periods of the year due to everything dying back and going to sleep. So, you will have to ask for mixtures of evergreens as well as plants that will provide you with color and ground cover throughout the different months and seasons of the year.

You may find that the gardening professional you choose enjoys this challenging task. However, this will not be your garden done and dusted for years to come. In fact, you will have to understand that in order to keep your garden looking good, it will require regular maintenance. If you are unhappy doing this yourself due to lack of knowledge or time, you may want to see if the gardening professional is happy to take on this task, too.