Perfume is a real signature; it accompanies us daily. It is part of us, of our life, and reflects our personality. How to choose it? Find out our tips to help you choose your perfume.

Know what you love

First of all, you have to know what you like in terms of perfumes, because there are seven main olfactory families: floral, citrus, woody, fern, chypre, amber or oriental, and leather. Florals represent 80% of the market, so we will very often turn to florals, perfume expert, who cites "Chanel No 5" or Nina Ricci's "L'air du temps" as an example. The floral scent isn't too overpowering, it won't get in the way of co-workers, and most importantly, it's a great, timeless choice.

After the florals, the citrus fruits are the most popular "CK One by Calvin Klein." These are scents that suit everyone; it's fresh, it's like fruit juice in the morning. You can wear them in summer and winter because smelling a tangerine-basil from Guerlain in the middle of winter gives you crazy energy. This is the effect of aromatherapy! 

Distinguish between water and perfume

When you are not an expert in the genre, it is easy to get tangled up. The difference between an Eau and a perfume arises in the concentration of the juice. For those who are rather assertive, the round and the whole character of the perfume will do the job very well; for those who play in discretion and lightness, then it is the softer and less concentrated Eau that will suit.

Understand the structure of perfume

A perfume is a construction symbolized by the olfactory pyramid. Composed of three levels, it describes the main notes that are revealed as the fragrance evolves. The top notes (citrus and aromatics) are the most volatile; they create the first impression.

They fade in a few minutes to give way to heart notes (floral, green, fruity, or spicy), which reflect the personality of the perfume. Thirdly, the nose perceives the base notes, woody and/or balsamic, which persist for several hours. They are what give the perfume its hold.

Define your olfactory family

The perfumes and their odors are divided into families which stick more or less to the personality of each one. We thus have the perfect chypres for strong characters, the citrus fruits (tangy, citrus) which adapt to the desires of dreamers, the orientals which stir up the seducers (patchouli...), the woody notes tasted by the adventurous, the floral juices that boost the energetic. As for aromatics, they are for tonics. If you find yourself in one of these categories, all you have to do is direct your choice towards one of these families.

How to choose a perfume according to personality?

There are certainly as many perfumes as there are different types of women. Since you are unlike any other, choose a perfume that best reflects your personality. Your smell is a memory of your presence; the better you know how to choose it, the better it will reflect your beautiful person.

The perfumes of the floral family are very suitable for women of a tender, gentle, sensitive, and romantic nature. Their base of floral essences will sublimate your suave character.

Do you feel seductive and sensual? Choose a perfume with amber notes with touches of vanilla, powdery and animal scents.

If you are more of a sporty nature, opt for fragrances from the Citrus family. The citrus touches of these perfumes will perfectly reflect your dynamic personality and will help to highlight it. The perfumes of the Chyprée family correspond more to modern, contemporary women assuming a woman-child side; a real blend of vegetal, floral, and fruity scents, they balance each other to bring out all your personality traits.

You want to stay as natural as possible and don't like sophistication, then perfumes with floral and spicy notes are made for you. Light and natural, they will dress you perfectly.

The perfumes of the oriental family will admirably match fatal and assertive women. Their scents are powerful, like musk and heady like vanilla.

Another criterion will help you choose your daily feminine perfume: the packaging, from the packaging to the bottle. Indeed, some brands produce fragrances for more or less mature women. Perfume packaging and bottles are therefore important clues to begin to determine the choice of perfume. But, again, the container should match your personality.

Rather dreamy or romantic, turn to bottles and packaging in powdery colors and sophisticated and airy bottles.

If you tend to be a rather mysterious woman, sober and refined bottles will tend to contain the fragrances that suit you.

On the contrary, extravagant bottles will suit more dynamic and sparkling women.

Choose a perfume according to age

Age is also an essential criterion in choosing a perfume for women. Fragrances with colorful bottles and packaging will suit young women but often a little less so for more mature women.

The scent of a teenager or young girl

The age of adolescence is considered a true olfactory initiation. It is often during this period of our life that we choose our first perfume. Generally, the choice of these budding young women is for fresh and light scents, somewhat tangy and gourmet. That's good; sweet flavors are particularly popular right now!

The perfume of a woman at 20

At 20, on the other hand, the personalities assert themselves. However, if adolescence and childhood seem already far away, adulthood is not yet really established. The perfume must therefore reveal this paradox and preserve a certain carelessness while affirming the new sensuality of this woman in the making. Floral juices are generally appreciated for their freshness and their spring side.

The perfume of a woman at 30

At 30, it's time for seduction. Women are looking for fragrances that can enhance their sex appeal. Mystery and sensuality are traits of their personality that assert themselves and should be highlighted. For this, the amber family is particularly popular. The spices transcribe the ardor and dynamism of the thirtysomethings while preserving a very important part of elegance.

The perfume of a woman at 40

In quarantine, it's time to question yourself. If men are the most affected by this little life crisis, women are not left out either. They most often express a need for change, which also goes through their perfume. In this case, atypical wakes are in order. Forget the blockbusters of perfumery and favor niche fragrances from confidential perfumeries.

The perfume of a woman at 50

50 is the age when you reach the peak of your career. What's more, the years bring this privilege of getting to know each other better. People in their fifties know what they want and, most of the time, already have their cult perfume. The essences worn at 50 serve to highlight the elegance and charisma of the woman who wears it without putting aside its seductive aspect. The cooked juices are particularly appreciated.