Crafting Opportunities to Write for Us and Be Heard

Are you interested in publishing an article on the platform? If yes, you are in the right spot! Here, you can access comprehensive information about our topic criteria, submission guidelines, and the subsequent steps once your article gets approved for publication. At Live Positively, we produce excellent content that clarifies the differences and useful best practices for content marketing platforms. Upon approval of your proposed ideas, you are welcome to start write an article, adhering to the submission guidelines mentioned below:

Submission Guidelines for Your Article Post

To secure publication on our site, writers must observe our detailed guidelines. By meticulously adhering to these standards, you significantly enhance the prospects of your content being accepted and published. Following these guidelines, aligns your article writing with our editorial criteria and maximizes its chances of resonating efficiency.Unleash your creativity on write your story and connect with a global audience.

  • Include Charts and Infographics:

  • Write an article that must contain pertinent images, such as infographics, graphs, and charts. They can clarify topics in an engaging style and assist in breaking up content for our readers. Moreover, other values can be more easily understood via graphs and charts. Ensure that your draft has a minimum of two pertinent photos.

  • Use of Fresh Voice:

  • Ensure that the information towrite an articlethat sounds natural because people prefer to read content provided by humans rather than artificial intelligence. Ensure that the tone of your post aligns with the fresh and approachable style we strive to promote in our content.

  • Always Submit Original Work:

  • We do not consider content published elsewhere; submissions must be original works. Please refrain from any form of plagiarism and submit only your content.Write your story and let your imagination run wild, creating global connections in the process.

  • Write Objectively:

  • Compose your article objectively to deliver the most valuable, practical, and actionable content to our readers, ensuring they derive the maximum benefit. Express your vision through write your story and engage a diverse, global community.Subjective articles may be perceived as forceful and less reliable, potentially diminishing our company’s online authority.

  • Stick to the Word Count:

  • Ensure that the article writing submitted to Live Positively falls within 500 to 2000 words. Longer submissions are accepted but be advised that they could be excluded if you feel it will take more space to communicate your point properly.

  • Always Include Takeaways:

  • Including a conclusion section at the end of each submitted article is essential. This section should offer the audience clear takeaways, summarizing and reinforcing the points discussed throughout the article.

  • Links:

  • In your article writing, feel free to attach up to three links. However, avoid linking to sales-oriented or promotional landing pages. Instead, direct readers to authoritative, actionable content that further explores the current topic.

  • Images:

  • Incorporate compelling, high-quality images into the content to enhance audience engagement. Ensure that the images are both relevant and possess a resolution of 1000×667 pixels to optimize visual appeal and captivate the audience effectively.

  • Copyright of content and images:

  • The content and images published on this platform are protected by copyright. Any unauthorized copying or content from external sources is strictly prohibited. Making such mistakes could result in serious consequences, potentially leading to the prohibition of published material.

    We encourage all users to refrain from duplicating content or images without acquiring proper authorization. This proactive approach ensures the preservation of a fair, respectful, and compliant publishing environment, promotes creativity, and safeguards the rights of content creators.