A travel to Alaska; the paradise for those who wish to live a real adventure of breathtaking landscapes. With its glaciers that produce icebergs, the volcanoes which sculpt lunar valleys, and its mountains, which continue to rise towards the sky, the region will be able to captivate the most demanding travelers.

1. A travel to Alaska

Alaska is one of the states of the Pacific Region, which includes four states other than Alaska, and this region includes the largest area of the United States. It occupies the fourth most populous region. The other four states are: Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, and Alaska is the largest state in terms of area in the United States of America. It is more than twice the size of Texas, with an area of 1.518.776 square kilometers. Alaska is a separate state from the rest of the United States of America, it is close to Russia, located in northwestern Canada, and It is 800 kilometers from Washington State.

2. Entry formalities for a travel to Alaska

For a travel to Alaska, you will need a valid biometric or electronic passport, and an ESTA electronic travel authorization, to be completed online.

3. The most appropriate times for a travel to Alaska

It is not recommended to travel to Alaska between July and mid-August, as this time is considered the peak of the tourist season. The hotels are crowded, and national parks are filled at this time. The prices are very high, so the best time to travel to Alaska is between the months from May to September, when the weather is fairly appropriate, and the crowding is very little for the July season.

4. The most important cities to visit when you travel to Alaska

4.1 Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island is located in the Kodiak Archipelago on the southern coast of Alaska. This island is considered the largest fishing port, especially lobster and salmon. This place is known to be a habitat for wildlife, especially for brown Kodiak bears, salmon, and 250 species of birds, and the climate in the island is characterized by moderation and open-air most days of the year.

4.2 Anchorage city

Despite the abundance of icebergs and high peaks covered with snow, the atmosphere and climate inside the city are very warm and enjoyable, providing you with the opportunity to ride polar bikes while being careful.

4.3 The city of Fairbanks

This city is full of wonders that the midnight sun shines on because of the aurora borealis, and that between August to April of each year. This city has a long history in relation to the discovery of gold coins, where people were and are still flowing in order to practice search activities of Gold. Tourists enjoy doing some other activities there such as visiting museums, sailing in the Shanna River, and visiting hot springs.

4.4 Haines Alaska

Located on the Lynn Canal banks, the city of Haines is at the heart of Alaska's natural beauty. The site is superb, and you will never get tired of it. Haines is also the city where most of the permanent army stationed in Alaska resides.

4.5 The city of Ketchikan

Ketchikan is one of the most attractive cities in the southeast of Alaska for tourists who love cruises, with abundant valleys formed by glaciers, lava flows left by volcanic activity, and foggy straits, with its calm waters from the entrances of the Pacific Ocean.

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5.Important attractions when you travel to Alaska

5.1 Denali National Park

Denali National Park located in the Interior of Alaska. It is a national park and natural reserve, which has the highest mountain in North America. This park is considered a reserve and a home to the tundra. The ski activities are widespread in the winter.

5.2 North Museum

The museum is considered one of the most beautiful museums in Alaska in general. The Simao Museum displays a collection of the rarest art and antique pieces belonging to the indigenous people, their traditions, and different ways of life. The museum design is surprising and impressive.

5.3 Adventurous sites

Tourists can visit one of the eight national parks to enjoy mountain views and glaciers by skiing across the country. Other favored activities include rowing in small boats, walking with luggage on daily excursions, ice skating, mountain climbing, and rafting trips by the river. Fishing flounder halibut and salmon in ocean waters or large-size trout fishing with hooks in Alaskan rivers, streams, and lakes also attract visitors.

5.4 Natural views

Traveling on train trips is one of the most important activities of foreign tourists in Alaska, where travelers can enjoy the ever-changing view of a safe and comfortable window seat.

5.5 Wildlife

Alaska is among the best places to explore wildlife. For example, kayaking trips to the Kongakot River near the Arctic coast provide opportunities to see gray bears, elk flocks, and golden eagles. Staying in one of the many wild inns in Alaska also provides comfort, enjoyment of tranquility, and privacy while providing unlimited wildlife viewing.

5.6 Northern Lights

From mid-September to late April, tourists flock to Alaska to see the Northern Lights. A spectacular light show of nature in the Arctic regions. On clear nights, the dazzling shades of green, blue, red, and purple appear to “dance” across the starry sky at night. Indeed, twilight lights are collisions between the electrically charged particles from the sun's atmosphere with gas molecules in the Earth's atmosphere.

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