When you plan to travel to any country, you need some travel advice, today we are going to give you the most important USA travel advice to guarantee your trip.The United States of America is a top-rated destination. Many people always plan a travel to the USA to find out the scenery of movies and popular series, to discover the majesty of big spaces and the amazing big cities.In fact, the United States of America, like other countries, has its own formalities concerning the travel documents, and other tips that will help you during your travel.

1. Your papers must be ready

One of the several USA travel advice while preparing a trip to the United States. It's your travel documents; you must entirely be concerned with the conformity of your papers. It will help if you have a biometric passport in advance with a suitable biometric photo. You must also register your travel at the electronic system for travel authorization (ESTA) at least 72 hours before your travel. Complete your application form ESTA online; it's very fast and simple, and you can do it through an easy-use interface. With low-cost fees by a credit card, you'll have an ESTA for the USA valid for two years.

2. Save your money

Avoid traveling to the United States with significant amounts of cash. Adopt an international credit card or a travel cheque instead. However, it's appropriate to provide a sum of cash in small bills (a maximum of 500$) for your current expenses or for the establishments that don't accept credit cards.

3. Avoid the high costs of telephony

Today, lots of places propose WIFI service (hotels, restaurants, malls, cafés). It's appropriate to use this free service or use emails and WhatsApp to communicate rather than paying high costs for your international calls. Thus, set your phone before you travel to the USA to avoid roaming costs. A simple setting on your device or just contact your operator.

4. Be aware of the local customs

Another travel advice when traveling to the USA is to be familiar with the local customs. In other words, avoid making any mistakes, such as tipping, it is habitual to give a tip at the restaurant between 10 to 20 dollars; waiters depend on tips for their salary. In shops, the prices are posted tax-free, then don’t be surprised to pay about 10% more.

5. Seek for the best offers about flights and hotels

Don't rush to book your ticket and hotel until you compare costs. Look for offers news because prices vary according to the websites, you can make a significant saving for your United States travel by comprehensive research. Indeed, you must be aware of every detail and don't rush for the lowest price.

6. USA Travel advice; tips for the security policy at the airports

Before traveling to the United States, you must be aware of the security policy at American airports. You have to know that scanning control is obligatory for every passenger. Avoid wearing metallic clothes or accessories. Your luggage may be examined, and if you've locked it, the locker will be broken to open your luggage. To avoid all that, you can use a locker conform to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which could be opened by a master-key without breaking it.As a consequence of these security measures, plan to be at the airport at least two hours before your trip, to be aware of all travel advisories concerning security.Read the travel advisories carefully on the website of TSA to know about the luggage restrictions. Some products are strictly forbidden, and others are allowed in cabin luggage under some conditions (such as liquids which are inferior to 100 ml). Be aware also of every reference of bombs, arms, or similar products that will not pass as a joke in front of the control agents. This may lead you to serious problems.If you respect the USA travel advice, you'll not face any problem. And you'll only have to enjoy your trip.After following our USA travel advice, here bellow some best places to travel in the USA.From coastlines to big cities, the United States is made up of so many diverse destinations that it's hard to decide which states deserve the distinction of the best in America. San Francisco, New York, Washington, Boston, New Orleans, and many other big states which are enjoyable to discover.

  • New York City (Image: © Andre Benz/Unsplash)

New York is located in the North of America. It has the most famous monuments in the United States. The Liberty statue is considered to be the most famous monument in America; however, there are many other important monuments, here we are going to discover other touristic monuments in New York City.

  • The Empire State Building (Image: © Aleksandr Rogozin/Unsplash)

If you look for the famous touristic places in New York. You'll undoubtedly find the Empire State Building, the tallest and biggest skyscraper in New York City. It's 1250 feet tall with 102 floors in addition to 72 elevators. The Empire State Building is a significant travel center in New York; it has been confirmed to be one of the most visited monuments in the country, with 3.8 million visitors every year. Besides, to be a touristic monument, the building is an important center of business, as it contains more than 1000 labor offices.

  • Top of the Rock (Image: © Joshua Newton/Unsplash)

If you want to discover New York City from above, you have to go to the Top of the Rock. An observation deck that gives full sightseeing of New York City, where you can see the Hollywood movies' skyscrapers. You can take amazing photos with a beautiful panoramic sight.The United States is worth to be visited; many people dream to travel to the USA, while others are surprised by what makes people eager to visit the American states. With so much to see in this big country, it can be difficult to know where to start a trip to the United States. Some states are known for history, and other states are known for their fun and attractions.

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