If you want to travel to Portugal without knowing where to go, follow our selection of the most beautiful places to visit in Portugal. All you have to do is book your tickets and set off to discover all the beauties of the land of Salazar.

For years, Portugal has been a privileged destination for travelers. For a good reason, its magnificent beaches, its medieval towns, its monuments with astonishing architecture, its landscapes of wild nature, its villages of colorful fishermen, and the Portuguese friendliness. Now we can understand why some have made Portugal their favorite destination.

Here is our postcard of the 10 most beautiful places to visit in Portugal.

1. Travel to Portugal; the Belem Tower in Lisbon

A must-see monument in Lisbon, the Belem Tower, is an architectural jewel listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the 16th century, reflecting the Portuguese architectural style and Manueline art. A visit to the Belem Tower is a must in your visit to Lisbon, with sublime interiors and gardens and a breathtaking view of the city's heights. A far away, in the same district of Belém, we find the Hieronymites monastery.

2. Travel to Portugal; Coimbra

The charming city of Coimbra, located on the Mondego River in central Portugal. Coimbra is home to a rich treasure of historical sites and tourist places, beautiful gardens, as well as the famous fado music in the country, along with the lively culture that you can touch when visiting one of the oldest universities in Europe, which you find it in Coimbra. One of the best activities in this beautiful city is walking among the wonderful streets and discovering the many historical monuments of which the most famous is the amazing old cathedral and other ancient buildings that bring history back to life. And you cannot go to Coimbra without a visit to the library at the University of Coimbra to enjoy one of the most beautiful and oldest libraries in the world, do not miss a visit.

3. Travel to Portugal; Porto

Porto is Portugal's second-largest city, but it doesn't get too much of a talk. However, its wide variety of sites and activities are beginning to be discovered by traditional tourism.

Although Porto is a city of a rather modest and hardworking character, it is also a place with a rich history, great nightlife, and a new craft scene that is exploding. Porto is becoming more and more popular and, for a city break, can easily compete with Lisbon.

Its areas of Ribeira and Baixa are absolutely charming and picturesque, you can take pleasant boat cruises along the Douro, and you can also taste many Port wines. In the past, Port wine was loaded onto sailing boats down the Douro Valley to store the wine in huge cellars on the banks.

These cellars still exist and are still in use, and the majority of Port wine producers offer guided tours and tasting sessions there.

4. Travel to Portugal; Cape Saint Vincent

To discover wild greenery when you come to visit Portugal, go to Cape Saint Vincent, the most southwestern tip of Europe, in the Algarve. Apart from discovering a rich marine fauna, you can visit the lighthouse and the monastery built on the cape, and stroll through the beautiful town of Sagres.

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5. Travel to Europe; Aveiro

Aveiro is another of the most beautiful tourist places in Portugal. It is a city in which there are many water channels until it became nicknamed Portugal's Rifle in addition to other titles such as the city of bridges and the city of water.

Aveiro characterized by its narrow cobbled streets, colorful buildings, and charming seafront with its magic sandy beaches. Aveiro is located in western Portugal, about 260 km from the capital, Lisbon.

6. Travel to Portugal; the Regaleira Palace

Located in Sintra's historical center, the Regaleira Palace surprises as much for its busy architecture as for its enchanting park. With its references to Freemasonry, alchemy, and the templars' order in its facades, this palace will surprise you. Don't miss a tour of the gardens, which have been thought of "as a picture of the cosmos." Sintra and the surrounding sites are certainly must-sees in Portugal, and more specifically, in Lisbon.

7. Travel to Portugal; Lagos

Lagos is among the most beautiful resorts on the Algarve coast. The city represents an amazing and very successful blend of tradition and modernity: Lagos has kept its traditions intact while adapting to the modern world's hectic pace without ever making any concessions to mass tourism.

Here you will find wonderful beaches, including Dona Anna, considered the most beautiful beach in Portugal, and the splendid Ponte Piede rocks, which we recommend you explore by boat.

The city center of Lagos perfectly reflects the successive historical periods that the city has known: you can visit the old fortifications of the city, located next to the estuary. Departing from Lagos, you will have access to the western part of the Algarve region, so you can easily explore beautiful places like Sagres, Portimão, and Silves.

The atmosphere of Lagos is more sophisticated than that of the neighboring resort, Praia da Rocha, the number one destination for lovers of trendy nightclubs and wild parties. We also recommend families with children to go to Lagos.

8. Travel to Portugal; Benagil Cave

150 meters from Benagil Beach, Benagil Cave, is a geological wonder. Constantly eroded by water movement, its rock walls have naturally created a kind of dome reflecting the light. Only accessible by boat or swimming, the Benagil cave offers incredible shades of color and is one of the world's most beautiful beaches.

9. Travel to Portugal; Vista do Rei

A new destination popular with hiking enthusiasts, the Azores archipelago deserves an article on its own. But if there is one place worth seeing in Portugal, it's the Vista do Rei viewpoint. The King's viewpoint offers an incredible panorama of the Caldeira das Sete Cidades and the natural lakes with sometimes blue, sometimes green waters.

10. Travel to Portugal; Óbidos

A typical Portuguese walled city, Óbidos is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Portugal. This city, with a certain cachet, represents all that makes the charm of Portugal; small cobbled streets, charming houses, and an imposing medieval castle that once served to defend the region.

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