A travel guide, a term that may have different usage, and it refers to objects, humans, or symbolic elements. In its general use, the handbook known as a guide to direct and lead something relating to a specific subject, as well as the leading person who gives instructions to others about a specific topic.

A travel guide as a person, dedicated to lead a group of people in a touristic environment, showing them the most amazing places they are visiting. A travel guide is able to give information to the travelers and details concerning the most pertinent information ( history, culture, art) about a city, a museum, a historic building, or other tourist attractions. Besides, a travel guide will answer to all tourists' questions and provide general assistance.A travel guide offers to the tourists everything that concerned with their trips, such as Hotels’ accommodations, meals, transportation, and destinations. When arrived at a particular place, the travel guide may ask a local guide to ensure the best cultural and historical information about that place.

Travel Guides help you find many things to do in destinations around the world. Travel Guides provide you tips and information, and everything you need to know to experience a perfect trip.

Travel guides are professional; they are able to offer any activity.They comment about sites visit, buildings, historical monuments, and cultural information in general.They organize cities tour by car or on walking.They direct and inform customers and tourists of all ages, individually or in a group, school customers, companies' customers or tourists.Also, they can reply to any other service request, such as; reception (airport, stations), help you to find where to stay and other services.

North America, the third-largest continent, North America, consists of three big countries, which are Canada, the United States, and Mexico.The United States, the world's superpower, and the biggest nation of the modern world, everyone has some information about the United States, even if they've never been.The United States a nation created by persons who share the same ideas and hopes, their desire to find their own way toward happiness and fortune. The United States, the richest and creative country, with its historical landmarks, world-famous cities, and central presence on the international stage, the United States is the most popular tourist destination around the world.

Every year, around 65 million people travel to the United States, The United States is a vast country, and it offers an endless collection of things to do, places to visit, restaurants, and top hotels where to stay. Among the top destinations to visit in the United States is the Statue of Liberty, Hollywood sign, Las Vegas, the White House, and many more amazing places to visit.

A land of hope and glory, the United Kingdom is a country misunderstood by many. From the crowded city of London, which is at the top of most visited places to the silence of the valleys in Snowdonia, the United Kingdom is all about heritage, with its beautiful countryside, its fantastic coastline, and the most vibrant multicultural cities.The most visited city in the United Kingdom after London, the capital city, is the Bath, a city built from quarried stones, considered as a refreshing relief from the crowded city of London.In order to acknowledge the new culture, and to talk about the British culture, we have to talk about Scotland, which is in the northern part of the United Kingdom. A city full of natural beauty, from its impressive valleys and amazing lakes to the ancient castles.

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