Algeria is intended for thousands of visitors every year. It contains several historical monuments. Algeria has gone through the challenges of tyranny and rebellion, but the result of this is freedom and independence. Algeria has a rich stock of culture and arts of all kinds to show the cultural face of the Algerian people. It is worth noting that most of its people do not belong to the Arab tribes, but rather the Berbers who cherish their identity, in addition to describing themselves as the original inhabitants of Algeria. The main religion in Algeria is Islam, and Christians exist, but without an official census of them. Algeria previously used more than one flag, the last of which was during the war of liberation. These colors symbolize different meanings; the white symbolizes the love of peace, the red symbolizes the blood of martyrs who died for the sake of the country. The green color symbolizes development and prosperity, and the crescent and star symbolize Islam.

1. History of the Algerian flag

On July 3, 1962, Algeria was proclaimed independent. It then chose the national flag that was the emblem of the National Liberation Front. The Algerian flag is a flag which marks Algeria’s independence from France and frees it from its status as a French colony. It is the symbol of national sovereignty. The Algerian flag was formalized by law in 1963, but its origin is older and controversial. Indeed, the origin of the Algerian flag is in a first version granted to the nationalist movement founded by “Messali Hadj."  According to other sources, the Emir Abd-el-Kader, who led the liberation forces against France, is the founder of the Algerian flag.

2. The signification of the Algerian flag and its colors

The Algerian flag is made up of a crescent and a red five-pointed star. The background of the flag is divided into two. The left side of the flag is green, and the right side is white.The green color represents prosperity and the earth, but it is also the color of paradise in Islam.The white color represents purity and peace.The crescent represents the path that the Muslim must travel during his life to hope to access paradise.The 5-pointed star represents the five pillars of Islam religion:

  • The pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Prayer
  • The faith
  • Ramadan
  • Zakat (alms).

The red color represents the blood of the martyrs.Related: The most beautiful islands of the world

3. The characteristics of the Algerian flag

The Algerian flag is created according to the following characteristics;The Algerian flag is formed of a green and white rectangle with a star and a red crescent on it.The green color must be formed from the same amount of yellow and blue so that the length of its oscillation is equal, according to the contrast scheme developed by Rod, for 5411 and occupies the 600th position on the normal spectrum.The red must be pure; its primary color is not analyzable and free from blue and yellow.The length of the rectangle is one and a half times the height of the flag. This rectangle is divided into two vertical lines. The green section is placed inside, and the white section is placed outside.The star consists of 5 points; these divisions are included within a circle in which its ray is equal to eight parts of the height of the flag and is located entirely on the white background of the flag. And the head falls on two divisions; one is on the middle vertical line of the rectangle, and the other is the head of the other division on the middle horizontal line from it.

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