types of travel

A travel definition is about any departure from home, with a return to it, and at least spending one night outside. It is a displacement or movement made to a more or less distant point for a personal purpose as leisure travel or professional purpose as business travel.Travel is the movement and the shift of people between different locations, using cars, trains, boats, buses, airplanes, ships, or other means of transportation, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip.Travel in ancient times was extremely difficult since no transportation means were available except animals such as; horses and camels which they were used to move from a location to another and this was difficult, especially in warming and freezing climates. In modern times despite the transportations' advancement, travel may be difficult depending on the way of traveling and the destination, for example, travel to mountains or the Amazon rainforest and other adventurous travels’ destinations.There are different types of travel.

1. The circuit

To begin with, one of the various types of travel is the circuit travel is a kind of tourist travel. The circuit means that both the departure and the arrival are at the same point. This means that you leave from one location, discovering several different places, in the meantime, with various entertaining activities, then return to your starting location after a few hours, days, or months. A pocket guide defines your route. If you plan to entrust the definition of your circuit to a travel agency, know that this takes in hand the whole of your trip, namely accommodation (often in a hotel), flights (round trip), meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). If you opt for this type of travel that is the circuit, the ideal is to be with family or group.

2. The city-dweller

This is a travel to a big city. The city dweller is none other than the city-trip, immersing yourself in the discovery of the wonders that make the city of your choice stand out. With this type of travel, you have a guide in your pocket, highlighting several places of interest to visit. Other than that, you have a city map with you, so you don't get confused during the discovery.

3. The road trip

This one is almost of the same nature as the city dweller. But the difference rests on two criteria. 1. The means of transport can be not only a car but also a bicycle.2) You visit not only the cities but also rural areas. With this type of travel, you can travel miles in one day. The place where you stay changes from a day to another.

4. The cruise

Originally, only seniors were cruising. Currently, it is becoming more and more popular with almost the majority of travelers or vacationers. This kind is among the luxurious types of travel; you will have to imagine yourself on a life you have never lived, an enriching adventure on the waters. What exactly is it? Cruising is one of the leisure travels on the sea, mainly on a large ocean liner or on a ship.

5. The business travel

The world continues to evolve. Even for economic reasons, people, especially trade commissioners, use travel. To do this, they go abroad to carry out commercial negotiations and prospecting. Business travel involves developing collaboration and developing a location ...

6. Professional travel

Professional life is one of the reasons for a trip. Many settle for a while in another city or country to find a more profitable job. Some go there to carry out a mission, and others are simply transferred by their employer. With this type of travel, many young people use their vacation time to get a well-paid job.

7. Adventure travel

Adventure travel is actually an exclusive travel. Exploration and risks are the most interesting points in such a trip; it requires specialized skills and physical effort.Adventurous tourists with significant physical effort and distinctive culture and connection with nature are experiencing activities such as trekking, bungee jumping, mountain, and rock climbing. There are new forms of adventure travel rising around the world, including social and jungle tourism.Nowadays, Adventure travel is speedily growing around the world as people and tourists; in particular, Americans are looking for a distinct style of vacations.Apart from the different types of travel above listed, let’s move to another part of our article to look at some definitions for travel terms.

8. Travel agency

A travel agency is a travel company that offers travel services. It acts as an intermediary between consumers and the various service providers present on the tourism market: Tour operators, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, travel insurance, etc.Travel agencies, through their proximity to the customer, also have the role of a travel advisor. They warn and inform consumers of the formalities to be completed before any trip or stay abroad, advise and establish a personalized offer according to expectations and customer wishes.

9. Travel agent

Planning a trip seems easy but has many complicated tasks to accomplish. A travel agent simplifies this process for the customers. The travel agent works in a travel agency. He is a consultant and a travel advisor who provides some travel information as well as travel costs, and his concerns are to organize personal travel and give different services about travel documents, such as visas. His primary responsibility is to plan the client's trip in the best and organized way, such as booking flights, rental cars, and hotels, etc. The travel agent may be specialized in leisure or business trips or specific journeys to Asia, Europe, and Africa.

10. Travel light

Travel light is the act of traveling without taking much luggage, that is, traveling with one small bag.

11. Travel work

There are many travel works opportunities to earn life while traveling the world. It could be experienced either by traveling abroad and settling for work in a foreign country or just traveling for work and come back to the home country, as for business trips, which are more related to companies. In particular, international companies that need people to travel in order to accomplish transactions and deal with other foreign companies. The other example of travel work; is concerned pilots and stewards who keep moving and flying from one country to another just because it’s their occupation. We can also talk about an eventual type of travel work which is a chief cook who travels around the world to cook for different foreign hotels and famous restaurants.

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