The Bahamas islands, one of the wonderful tourist destinations that suit all tastes and choices, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, and it consists of more than 700 islands, there you will find wonderful beaches and opportunities for relaxation and various entertainment. Even one visit will not be sufficient for your enjoyment. Get to know it more.

1. Bahamas islands, location, and description

Bahamas islands, located halfway between Cuba, Haiti, and Florida, the Bahamas archipelago is distinguished by its large spread and the variety of its islands. It's on a territory spanning nearly 14,000 km2.Discovering the Bahamas islands, which offer two facets. Animation and tourism dominate the islands of Grand Bahama and New Providence. On the other hand, the outer islands, or rather the Out Islands, are devoted to nature stays, which are more confidential.Bahamas islands with the magnificent sandy beaches, accompanied by green islands, offer the destination a postcard look. The landscape amazes as much on land as under the sea; the Bahamian ecosystem provides more than a thousand diving sites, and the coral reefs are excessively colorful, just like the underwater fauna. Under the ocean, we meet sharks, dolphins, and rays, among others. Between January and February, groupers gather and breed, particularly between Andros and Long Island, but also between Berry and Cat Island. As for the famous "lobster market," in November. Caves and wrecks also crisscross the underwater world.Bahamas islands; a seaside destination thanks to the quality of beaches. It is also on Harbor Island that you can dive your feet in the hot sand of Pink Sand beach and yearn for a pink seaside! The alliance between the sun and the beach covered with pink coral offers a superb seaside setting. The most popular beaches represent only 10% of the archipelago's seaside. If you want to swim while enjoying a special animation, go to Cable Beach, located in Nassau or Lucaya on Grand Bahama Island.

2. When to go to the Bahamas islands?

The Bahamas islands offer a pleasant temperate, tropical climate throughout the year. The archipelago has two distinct seasons:The dry season which runs from December to April and offers ideal temperatures (around 25 ° C) and very little rainfall.The wet season which takes place from June to November with hot temperatures but rarely suffocating and some end of the day, rains more abundant in the north than in the south.To decide when to go to the Bahamas islands, you have to choose between the dry season, which is also the most touristy, and the wet season during which tourists are less frequent.In winter, the days are short, and the temperature fluctuates between 22 and 27 ° C. In summer, the days are longer, and temperatures range from 28 to 32 ° C. The temperature of the water varies with an average of 24 ° C in winter and 28 ° C in summer. Bahamas islands experience short hurricane season from September to October, two months in which the cyclone risk increases.

3. What to visit and do in Bahamas island?

3.1 Places to visit in Bahamas islands

  • Discover Grand Bahama (Image: © Fernando Jorge/Unsplash)

Only 80 km from the Florida coast. The island of Grand Bahama is a real paradise for those who wish to indulge in shopping, casino games, land sports (golf in particular) or water sports, partying, or just lazing around. The towns of Freeport and Lucaya certainly do not have the colonial charm of Nassau, but the hinterland and the east coast, almost intact, will seduce you for their tranquility. Its pristine and endless beaches (like Gold Rock or Pelican Point), are interspersed here and there with caves (Rocky Creek) or conch fishing villages (McLeans Town). West of Freeport Harbor, there are pleasant beaches and small villages with pastel-colored houses. The main stretch of sand on the island is found on the east coast.

  • Discover New Providence and its islands (Image: © Damon On Road/Unsplash)

If New Providence is far from being the largest island in the Bahamas, it is nevertheless the economic and political heart. New Providence with the neighboring island of Paradise Island has beautiful white sand beaches, such as Cable Beach, Cabbage Beach, Caves Beach, Love Beach, Adelaide Beach, or South Beach. You can take advantage of your stay in New Providence to visit the Bacardi distillery, the zoo, and the Ardastra gardens (for its flamingos, the emblematic bird of the Bahamas). Visit the incredible Crystal Island Marine Park and Fort Charlotte. You can also risk your money at the Crystal Palace Casino or taste Bahamian specialties on Arawak Cay. Across from New Providence, connected by a bridge, is Paradise Island. The island has its own airport and is bristling with a multitude of hotels, the most imposing of which is, undoubtedly, the enormous Atlantis complex and its casino.

  • The Pirate Museum (Image: © Sophie Vinetlouis/Unsplash)

Located in the center of Nassau. It gives guests a realistic view of the ancient pirate lifestyle that was used to threaten the Caribbean in the 18th century.

  • Junkanoo Festival (Image: © Kristin Whylly/Unsplash)

Celebrations of the Junkanoo festival in the Bahamas are often compared to international festivals. Local celebrations are held, including local culture, food, music, and fashion. It is usually held near the end of December and at the beginning of July, and is an ideal way to enjoy the African and local Caribbean culture.

3.2 Activities to do in the Bahamas islands

  • Diving

With clear waters and a variety of marine life, coral reefs and shipwrecks along the coast of New Providence Island, The Bahamas islands, one of the first destinations in the world for scuba diving, allowing you to head-to-head adventure with a variety of tropical fish in its natural environment.

  • Fishing

If you like fishing, then you will wish to travel to the Bahamas islands year after year. As the beaches offer a number of different fishing options that will give you an opportunity to fish a group of wonderful fish, including Marlin, Wahoo, Kingfish, tuna, grouper, and many others.

  • Shopping

Shopping in the Bahamas islands has a special flavor. The shops are filled with authentic elements that show the culture and heritage of the islands. You can get one of the souvenirs made from local products scattered in the markets there, especially the Straw Market, which includes dozens of sellers who sell anything you can imagine when It comes to local arts and crafts.In addition to the possibility of shopping on Gulf Street, which is near the Straw Market in Nassau, and which is the most popular shopping area in the Bahamas, you will not have any problem in finding famous brands such as Fendi and Gucci. The street is also home to some of the most beautiful buildings with unique architecture.

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